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Amendments to the EU personal data protection law

New challenges and opportunities for business entities

30 September 2016

All businesses operating in Poland will need to adapt their activity to the new EU law – the General Data Protection Regulation that will be applicable starting from 25 May 2018.

The most important conclusions drawn from reading the regulation can be narrowed down to two principal theses. First, the protection of privacy is recognised by the EU legislator as the fundamental right of each data subject and the role of the supervisory authorities is to maximise such protection by means of broad prerogatives arising from the new regulations. 

Second, the regulation creates new opportunities for undertakings to process data for business purposes – for example by precisely indicating how to lawfully profile customers e.g. in order to grow sales. It also responds to difficult
questions including how to process children’s personal data or how to evaluate the impact of data processing on the activity carried out. 

Is the business ready for such a profound change of regulations? We have asked about this in our survey. The results presented in this report are accompanied by essential information for businesses regarding the changes in the law, their
significance and what must be done to be in compliance with the new regulation.

Amendments to the EU personal data protection law
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Tomasz Koryzma
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