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Cooptation of Doctor Pedro Pena Chancerelle de Machete for the Constitutional Court


Last Friday, September 21, became public the cooptation of Doctor Pedro Pena Chancerelle de Machete by the judges who compose the Portuguese Constitutional Court.

Member for several years of the firm Pena, Machete & Associates, the predecessor of the current CMS Rui Pena and Arnaut & Associados, RL (CMS RPA), Pedro Machete worked there as its Consultant until this appointment , under which played with great dedication to his legal profession along with his university activity.

This designation represents an important step in the career of Pedro Machete and the recognition of the personal and professional qualities that CMS RPA recognizes in him, and is also a proof of his high moral status and citizenship.

Pedro accepted this challenge, after long maturation, with the consciousness that he could not turn his back to the interpellation that we are all currently doing of the values of justice and law and the role that the Constitution should be in the (re) construction of our rule of Law.

CMS RPA wishes to express publicly to Doctor Pedro Machete, all our friendship and wish him to its consulate in this court the continued success and maintenance of the prestige that accustomed us.