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Corporate Investigations & Forensics

Corporate crime is one of the key risks faced by organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Our team assists clients with advising on and dealing with all aspects of corporate crime (both proactive and reactive) as well as compliance in a regulatory environment that is constantly evolving. 

This includes:

  • developing the requisite controls to prevent wrongdoing occurring in your business 
  • understanding and navigating the legal issues and risks when allegations or concerns arise 
  • conducting legally defensible and (where available) legally privileged investigations, while recognising the wider risks and obligations created by the issue at hand.

Our South African team regularly advises corporates, individuals and public sector clients across multiple industries; including financial services, telecommunications, consumer products, mining, aviation, real estate, medical and sport on financial crime and all other areas of corporate crime and regulatory risk (be it bribery and corruption, procurement, competition, cyber, environmental, health and safety or otherwise).

Whether you require a compliance programme to avoid regulatory investigations, or a strategy to minimize the impact of unforeseen corporate crime or regulatory failure, we will provide you with clear and pragmatic advice tailored to your needs.

Broad skills to assist you 

We can help you with:

  • conducting numerous types of investigations, including fraud, theft, corruption, anti-bribery compliance, money-laundering and cybercrime
  • drafting and implementing policies and procedures relating to anti-bribery and other commercial crime
  • performing anti-bribery and corruption risk assessments
  • forensic due diligences and third-party vetting
  • fraud prevention and detection
  • training on anti-bribery and corruption compliance as well as fraud prevention and detection
  • drafting and/or reviewing anti-corruption clauses in agreements
  • regulatory / statutory anti-bribery compliance advice. This includes advice on the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, the Protected Disclosures Act, the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the United Kingdom’s Bribery Act
  • registering criminal cases and performing watching briefs in criminal matters.
  • data privacy and protection
  • assistance with data breaches and cybercrime

Our approach 

At the outset of any matter, we ensure that we are fully apprised of the facts of the matter as well as the assistance required to ensure that we deliver on our mandates expediently. We follow a co-ordinated and structured approach when performing investigations to ensure that our investigations are conducted efficiently and effectively.

Where necessary, our investigations are carried out by a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that the different components of the investigation are handled by the appropriate skill-set. In this respect, we work with forensic accountants, forensic IT specialists, investigators, handwriting specialists and polygraphers. This approach ensures turnaround agility, skill suitability and cost efficiency. 


The state of fraud and cor­rup­tion in SA
The state of fraud and cor­rup­tion in SA 
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