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The South African real estate sector, although facing a range of challenges, provides opportunities illustrative of a dynamic real estate landscape. Aparthotels, flexible workspaces, mixed-use precincts, green buildings and alternative finance structures are a few examples of the exciting disruption in the market. 

The real estate sector is often at the centre of changes echoed by evolutions of the legislative, regulatory and social frameworks in force exhibiting its important role in society. 

To secure and optimise your real estate projects and assets in this changing and complex environment containing multiple technical subtleties, a commercial acuity of legal and fiscal issues is essential, from the planning of your operations to their execution. 

Whether you are a local or foreign investor, a large company or small to medium enterprise, a local authority, a financial institution or any other operator in the sector, we are able to support you with each stage of your project through to registration.

With skills and expertise ranging from commercial and residential conveyancing, notarial services and mortgage and notarial financing, our lawyers provide decisive, pragmatic solutions allowing clients to react quickly to seize opportunities. 

Broad expertise for diverse clients

We advise and assist national and international market leaders in the real estate industry, financial institutes, property managers and property developers, real estate agents and project managers.

In addition to well-known institutional investors and industrial companies, our references also include public bodies and financial institutions. 

We’re immersed in your world. Your interests and priorities are at the heart of what we do. Our next-generation mindset is woven into all we do. It means we can anticipate the likely challenges, accelerate our pace and create the space to develop innovative solutions. 

Our lawyers are genuine experts in their fields, with a grasp of detail that’s second to none - from real estate, hotels & leisure, financial institutions and services, to energy and telecommunications service providers, transport and infrastructure companies and the pharmaceutical industry.     

Our services

  • Registration of commercial and real estate transfers
  • Registration of mortgage bonds and notarial bonds (special and general notarial bonds) as part of real estate finance, project financing and restructuring transactions
  • Drafting, vetting and negotiation of property-related agreements such as leases, sale agreements, sale of leasing enterprise agreements, annexures/special conditions and all notarial deeds;
  • Attending to real estate due diligence investigations
  • Drafting and registration of notarial deeds such as servitudes, notarial leases and notarial ties
  • Registration of subdivisions and consolidations
  • Notarial attestations such as witnessing the execution of documents, verifying the authenticity of signatures and authenticating copies of documents including Apostille certificates and the legalisation of documents for use outside of South Africa
  • Advising and registration of antenuptial contracts

Talk to us today to find out how our innovative solutions can help you face the future with confidence.


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