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As local and international tax rules become more complex, and compliance and reporting obligations more onerous, managing these requirements is a significant challenge.  CMS has a multidisciplinary team that monitor developments in tax law and policy which affect our client’s affairs.

We help in developing robust solutions that maximise tax effectiveness and can anticipate future regulatory developments. We will work with you to ensure on-going compliance in your structures and implement the transactions in the best and most compliant manner for our clients.

Our tax services are aimed at achieving the best outcomes for clients, whether they are a financial institution, multinational, fund, corporate investor or high - net worth individual. Our compliance advice is commercial, balanced, cautious, but practical.

Our teams work together across all sectors and all areas of tax affecting your business including: income tax, VAT, customs, transfer pricing, tax structuring and tax disputes.

If you are involved in a dispute, an early intervention with the tax authorities on your behalf can ensure the best outcome for your business.

Tax & Advisory Services

We solve your challenges and create solutions for:

  • applying for the scientific and technological research and development tax incentives 
  • customs and excise
  • drafting advance tax rulings and submitting the necessary applications
  • employee share incentive schemes and other remunerative structures
  • estate planning and donations tax
  • exchange control
  • financing and re-financing advisory
  • international tax advisory 
  • taxation principles in relation to financial instruments and the taxation of derivative instruments
  • tax dispute resolution
  • tax due diligence investigations
  • tax implications of structured finance
  • tax management
  • tax solutions for merger acquisitions, group re-organisations, group rationalizations and general corporate transactional work (including, asset disposals and acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate).

In addition to the above, we provide opinions and advice on the interaction between taxation, exchange control and the legal implementation of transactions. We also prepare applications to Authorised Dealers and the Financial Surveillance department of the South African Reserve Bank and are closely monitoring developments in the change control regime.

High Net-Worth Individuals & Private wealth

Over the years, our team has advised and worked alongside the private wealth divisions of various local and international banks.  

We can assist with:

  • all corporate issues
  • advising on family business affairs & transactions
  • advising on prescription of loans
  • estate planning
  • exchange control for externalising funds
  • foreign trust funding
  • local & Foreign Trust advice
  • realising family businesses, assets & others at optimal tax rates
  • transferring assets into a Trust in a tax efficient manner

Financial Instruments 

A number of  the team members come from a very strong banking law background.  As a result, they have extensive experience with financial transactions, including analysing or developing financial instruments and derivative instruments in a range of commercial scenarios.

Very few tax advisors have had similar exposure to this field, which we are well - versed in and have a good grasp of the legal framework to be applied. 

CMS RM Partners' team is recognised for corporate tax and disputes, with a strong weighting towards the financial services segment.

Legal 500 | Tax, Tier 4, South Africa, 2020

One of the more impressive tax-legal advisers in South Africa…my go-to corporate tax structuring teams

Chambers & Partners, South Africa, Tax, 2020

Experienced across a broad expanse of tax law matters, covering corporate restructurings, transactions, fund establishments and empowerment adjustments...

Chambers & Partners, South Africa, Tax, 2021

The group has a burgeoning private client-related practice, and is growing force in international structuring and disputes. It is engaged by both businesses and the tax authorities in tax disputes. It is increasingly active in the BEE segment and its membership of the firm's broader international network places it in a prime position for international work

Legal 500, South Africa, Tax, 2021

Diverse commercial experience

Legal 500, South Africa, Tax, 2021

CMS South Africa has good experience in relation to an R&D tax support scheme in South Africa in the hydrogen sector

Legal 500, 2022

The team’s strengths include good negotiation in good faith and in line with the client’s needs, active listening to the client, they make drastic changes on deliverables at the client’s demand without additional fees, and they are curious in learning about an innovative project in the hydrogen sector

Legal 500, 2022


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What’s next? In a world of ever-ac­cel­er­at­ing change, staying ahead of the curve and knowing what’s next for your business or sector is essential.At CMS, we see ourselves not only as your legal advisers but also as your business partners. We work together with you to not only resolve current issues but to anticipate future challenges and innovate to meet them.With our latest publication, CMS Next, our experts will regularly offer you insights into and fresh perspectives on a range of issues that businesses have to deal with – from ESG agendas to restructuring after the pandemic or facing the digital transformation. We will also share with you more about the work that we are doing for our clients, helping them innovate, grow and mitigate risk.To be able to provide you with the best support, we immerse ourselves in your world to understand your legal needs and challenges. However, it is equally important that you know who we are and how we can work with you. So, we invite you to meet our experts and catch a glimpse of what is happening inside CMS.Enjoy reading this publication, which we will update regularly with new content.CMS Executive Team
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