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Corporate Governance & Compliance

Corporate governance and compliance of organisations in the public and private sector is increasingly becoming a focal point of business and government strategy, culture and growth.  It has also received renewed interest from local and global regulators following a number of prominent corporate collapses in the recent past.

Obligations of directors and government officials are subject to constant change and varying frameworks of rules, relationship, systems and processes. They are also held to a higher standard of social responsibility.  Corporate social responsibility relates to important social, safety, health and environmental factors to which company management and government must accord adequate regard.

In South Africa, good governance is not only regulated by legislation and common law, but principles also contained in the King III Report, and for those who want to be measured at a much higher standard, international regulations on climate change. 

Our approach 

Our group of multi-disciplinary lawyers work with our clients in identifying and building suitable corporate governance and compliance frameworks to manage and regulate businesses that go beyond a "box-ticking" exercise, but rather seek to create or improve a culture of compliance, sustainability and growth. 

Our services include:

  • board and director committee reviews
  • corporate governance due diligence
  • board inductions and training
  • refresher training on the responsibilities and duties of directors
  • training on the duties and responsibilities of public officials in terms of the Public Finance Management Act and Municipal Finance Management Act
Zaakir Mohamed

Clients have praised him for his "knowledge of the law and calm approach" during his investigatory work.

Chambers | Corporate Investigations, South Africa, 2020
Zaakir Mohamed

Another client stated: "He is very dedicated and extremely competent. He understands the field very well and is able to provide focused guidance."

Chambers | Corporate Investigations, South Africa, 2020


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