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Dr. Daniel Voigt, MBA
Private Health In­sur­ance As­so­ci­ation ad­vised by CMS...
25 Sep 19
Gen­er­al Coun­sel Con­fer­ence 2019
SPC Double Whammy - In­ter­pret­ing Art­icle 3(a) of the SPC Reg­u­la­tion
Sum­mary At the end of June, the CJEU heard the joint re­fer­rals from the Ger­man Bundes­pat­ent­gericht (case C-650/17) for Mer­ck’s sitaglipt­in product and from the Eng­lish Court of Ap­peal for Searle’s dar­unavir product (case C-114/18).
CMS ad­vises rent­al and con­struc­tion lo­gist­ics pro­vider...
30 Oct 19
Shar­ing is (S)caring
An­nu­al Tech­no­logy, Me­dia and Com­mu­nic­a­tions Con­fer­ence
UK food and cos­met­ic pro­du­cers to the EU to face new reg­u­la­tions after...
As Brexit draws near­er and with the like­li­hood of an un­reg­u­lated exit still not off the table, EU-27 com­pan­ies im­port­ing or selling food or cos­met­ics from Great Bri­tain face li­ab­il­ity risks if they con­tin­ue to sell these goods after a No-Deal Brexit.
CMS ad­vises in­dus­tri­al hold­ing com­pany Armira on in­vest­ment...
21 Nov 19
CMS Glob­al Life Sci­ences & Health­care For­um 2019
Fu­ture fa­cing and pa­tient-cent­ric – in­nov­a­tion and...
Vic­tory for Face­book as Düs­sel­dorf court sus­pends the Bundes­kar­tellamt's...
In a dra­mat­ic, if tem­por­ary, turn­around, Face­book achieved its first suc­cess against the Feb­ru­ary 6 de­cision of the Bundes­kar­tellamt (B2 – 22/16), which had ruled that Face­book had ab­used its po­s­i­tion as a mar­ket lead­er in Ger­many and had vi­ol­ated an­ti­trust.
5 September 2019
CMS pub­lishes European M&A Out­look
European M&A ex­ec­ut­ives cau­tious over deal­mak­ing pro­spects
Face­book fined EUR 2 m for in­fringe­ment of Ger­many's Net­work En­force­ment...
Face­book Ire­land Lim­ited was fined EUR 2 mil­lion by the Ger­man Fed­er­al Of­fice of Justice (BfJ) for vi­ol­a­tions of the Net­work En­force­ment Act (Net­zDG). Spe­cific­ally, Face­book was sanc­tioned for vi­ol­at­ing re­port­ing ob­lig­a­tions, and the pen­al­ties levied against.
September 2019
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