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Dr. Christoph Lächler
CMS ad­vises IT con­sult­ing group NTT DATA on ac­quis­i­tion...
19 Jul 18
We­bin­ar: Mer­ger Con­trol and Com­pet­i­tion Law in M&A...
The mat­ter of Chris Froome
The Tour de France's de­cision to ad­mit the con­tro­ver­sial rider high­lights the dis­cre­tion­ary power of world sports or­gan­isa­tions like the IOC and ASO In early Ju­ly, the World Anti-Dop­ing Agency (WADA) an­nounced it would not ap­peal the de­cision of the Uni­on Cyc­liste.
Dr. Eva Annett Grigoleit
CMS ad­vises capiton on the sale of its shares in the...
20 Sep 18
Ger­man Private Equity Break­fast
Ger­many un­der pres­sure to amend po­s­i­tion on tax­able pres­ence in for­eign...
If an in­di­vidu­al per­son or a com­pany is act­ive abroad in busi­ness, the ques­tion arises wheth­er and to what ex­tent such activ­ity leads to a tax­able pres­ence in the rel­ev­ant for­eign coun­try. The an­swer to this ques­tion gen­er­ally de­pends on wheth­er the busi­ness.
Ro­bus Cap­it­al Man­age­ment res­cues busi­ness op­er­a­tions...
New EU pro­pos­al for rep­res­ent­at­ive ac­tions: "One for all – and all...
Class ac­tions, col­lect­ive ac­tions, mod­el de­clar­at­ory ac­tions. Rep­res­ent­at­ive types of leg­al ac­tions have been on every­one's lips and dis­cussed on the na­tion­al and EU level since the 2017 dies­el emis­sions case.
The chan­ging face of sports broad­cast­ing