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In­vest­ment Alert: Rus­sia sets timetable for re­new­able en­ergy pro­jects...
The Com­mer­cial Op­er­at­or of the Rus­si­an Whole­sale En­ergy Mar­ket has an­nounced the an­nu­al tender and its con­di­tions for the se­lec­tion of sev­er­al re­new­able en­ergy pro­jects, which are to be ex­ecuted from 2019 to 2023.
Re­new­able en­ergy in the Rus­si­an en­ergy sec­tor
The Acon­cagua Bay – “al­ways ac­cess­ible”
On 26 March 2018 the Com­mer­cial Court ruled, in an ex­tremely suc­cinct de­cision, that a war­ranty in a voy­age charter­party that a berth is “al­ways ac­cess­ible” en­com­passes both entry to and exit from the berth.
Should Rus­si­an busi­nesses worry about EU data pro­tec­tion...
McHardy with­draws in­junc­tion re­quest – Is this a vic­tory for open...
After the with­draw­al of re­quest for in­ter­im in­junc­tion in Co­logne High­er Re­gion­al Cour­ton March 7, can users of open source soft­ware breathe a sigh of re­lief or does this with­draw­al give rise to false hope? When Co­logne Re­gion­al Court is­sued an in­junc­tion in.
Trans­ac­tion pass­ports have been ab­ol­ished
Open Source Com­pli­ance
Open source com­pli­ance fail­ures can pose a ser­i­ous threat to af­fected com­pan­ies. Here is an over­view. After the first open source li­cense was en­forced by a Ger­man court in 2004, there is no longer any doubt about their valid­ity.
February 2018
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Oil & Gas: JOAs, budget over­runs and op­er­at­or pen­sion de­fi­cits
In Mara­thon Oil UK LLC v Cent­rica Re­sources Lim­ited, TAQA Bratani Lim­ited and TAQA Bratani LNS Lim­ited [2018] EWHC 322 (Comm), the Com­mer­cial Court con­sidered wheth­er an op­er­at­or was en­titled to charge joint ven­ture par­ti­cipants for pen­sion fund short­falls.
February 2018
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Should Rus­si­an busi­nesses worry about EU data pro­tec­tion re­quire­ments?
The Gen­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion (the “GDPR” or “Reg­u­la­tion”) will come in­to ef­fect in the European Uni­on on 25 May 2018. While the GDPR mainly ap­plies with­in the EU and to EU com­pan­ies op­er­at­ing abroad, it also af­fects non-EU per­son­al data con­trol­lers.