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The amendments to the Russian Tax Code: what to expect in 2017? 
Many amendments to the Russian Tax Code came into force on 1 January 2017. Some of them, such as the changes to the thin capitalisation rules, had been reported on in our earlier Alert. Most of the latest amendments to the Tax Code are associated with the adoption.
The amendments to the Russian Tax Code: what to ex...
A new Customs Code for the Eurasian Economic Union?
A new Customs Code (the “EAEU Code” or the “Code”) may come into force in 2017 in the Eurasian Economic Union (the “EAEU”). On 26 December 2016, all EAEU member states except Belarus signed the  new Code* which had been approved by the Intergovernmental Council.
LinkedIn blocked in Russia
Are we witnessing the rise of super level economic environment ri...
In a few years’ time we may look back and say that it was in 2015/2016 when legal proceedings and recent policy changes combined to produce manifest serious transfrontier and trans-sector commercial and economic environment risk.
Russia considering imposing VAT on foreign online...
ABS Regulation - Draft Biotech Sector Stakeholder Guidance
Views are being sought from interested stakeholders on European guidance for the biotechnology sector concerning the EU’s access to genetic resources and sharing of benefits from utilisation legislation – namely the ABS Regulation.
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BEPS Update: Multilateral Instrument Published
The OECD has now published the multilateral instrument (“MLI”) that will implement certain of the treaty-related proposals from its project on tackling base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”).
The regulation of data in Russia – where do we sta...
Oil & Gas / Shipping: Excluding ‘consequential loss’ can restrict...
The Commercial Court was recently asked to consider the correct construction of the phrase “consequential or special losses or expenses” in a clause that distributed (and limited) liability and remedies between parties (Star Polaris LLC v HHIC-Phil Inc [2016].