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International Real Estate law firm

As an investor, developer, occupier, construction consortium or asset manager, your real estate deals are executed to tight deadlines within complex local legal systems. With over 800 lawyers in 40 countries, we provide consistent legal advice across borders, coordinated from your home market.

Real Estate

We are one of the few law firms that can support you across the full lifecycle of an asset: from financing, acquisition and development, and construction, through asset management and optimisation, to eventual sale. But our expertise goes far beyond the traditional boundaries of real estate law.

Our outstanding lawyers are experts in areas ranging from fund formation and management to environmental regulation, from construction disputes to tax planning. We can help protect your brand and reputation just as much as we can help you manage a joint venture agreement or employment issues.

As a firm with a top-tier international tech practice, acting for innovators such as Microsoft and Google, we have a cutting-edge understanding of the synergies – and problems – that arise at the intersection of property and new technology.

And our top-tier energy practice enables us to advise on the real estate aspects of projects to develop a more sustainable world, including wind farms, solar farms, electrical interconnectors, battery storage, and energy from waste schemes.

Global vision

All good real estate lawyers understand their local markets. But many clients need a global perspective too – of the kind that CMS, as one of the world’s largest law firms, can offer. Whether your concern is a cross-border transaction or international arbitration, global fund distribution or international portfolio management, we have people with the right knowledge and experience for you.

Building the future

CMS is ahead of the curve on legal and regulatory issues. Our partners play prominent roles in professional real estate bodies, setting standards and developing regulatory frameworks. But we engage with bigger questions too. Urbanisation, climate change, demographic developments and new technology are just some of the factors that are shaping the global real estate & construction market. We can help you understand and assess these trends: anticipating change, protecting key assets, and ensuring that your business is fit for the future.

Our real estate capability at your service
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