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Our Private Client practitioners have been advising private individuals for many decades and our practice enjoys a high standing and reputation in the market. We strive to understand the needs of our clients and their families and to tailor our advice accordingly. The individuals we represent include entrepreneurs, professionals, landowners, artists, and philanthropists of all ages. In some cases, we have been acting for families over several generations.

Our Private Clients teams provide cross-disciplinary advice to private clients, entrepreneurial families, their advisors and family offices on a wide range of legal and tax matters relating to national and international wealth, succession and emergency planning. As strategic advisors, we combine many years of experience, expertise and international capability.

We focus on customised succession planning. In this area, we regularly advise on wills, inheritance agreements, forced heirship rights, and gifts. We can support you as a family entrepreneur in business succession and with contingency planning.

When it comes to wealth planning, we can help you with the organisation and strategic management of your assets. Our specialisms include matrimonial property agreements (prenups), inheritance agreements, wealth structuring, family constitutions and family offices. You may benefit from our specialist knowledge for any wealth-related decisions, for example if you are planning an investment or wish to relocate to a different country.

Our Private Clients team is also familiar with the particular challenges of family disputes. We regularly represent clients in complex estate litigation and trust litigation matters.

We have national and international expertise in the following areas:

  • Estate planning, estate administration and executorship 
  • Matrimonial property and inheritance agreements 
  • Wills and bequests 
  • Inbound and outbound relocation, residence, and nationality 
  • Foundations, endowments, and trusts 
  • Separation, divorce and maintenance
  • Tax planning (wealth tax, income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax and inheritance tax planning) 
  • Compliance and structure audits
  • Legal wealth planning and structuring
  • Powers of attorney, living wills, patient’s directives, contingency planning 
  • Employment issues 
  • Charities and art 
  • Legal family office services
  • Corporate matters for family-owned enterprises, M&A transactions 
  • Insurance issues 
  • Dispute resolution in the aforementioned areas, in particular domestic and cross-border trust and estate litigation and arbitration 


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