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Navigating the opportunities and legal risks: exploring AI's impact on your businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a whole range of new opportunities but also includes new and unique risks for companies, governments and individuals within society. These opportunities and legal risks involve ethical, legal and regulatory challenges.

At CMS we are keen to share our thoughts about AI and to add to the wider AI debate. CMS has a long history of advising companies large and small to leverage the benefits of new technology including AI developments whilst limiting the possible legal risks.

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CMS Funds Group AI & Tech interviews
This series of interviews focuses on the meaning of digitalisation, digital services and tokenisation within the funds sector, leveraging off the experience of various players in the ecosystem.
Hungarian Competition Authority launches study on impact of AI on competition...
On the eve of the European Commission’s calls for contributions on competition in virtual words and generative AI, the Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) announced that it is launching a market analysis...
Digital Legacy - How will future generations be shaped by the actions of...
Fireside chat with two Top Industry Veterans - Lucy Lombardi and Nicola Palmer
AI Act: Council and Parliament reach political deal
After lengthy negotiations, a political deal has been reached on the AI Act. This blog provides an overview of the current situation.There has been a gap of over two years between the world's first legal...
Hungary’s financial regulator reviews risk of AI to banks and insurance...
For the first time, the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) carried out a thematic study on the IT, privacy and other risks of AI and machine learning in banks and insurance companies.The objective of the study...
Lawfulness of AI-assisted advertising under the German Unfair Competition...
Anyone using AI for advertising purposes should carefully check whether the intended use of the AI is lawful under unfair competition law.Using artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing and sales is seen...
G7 sets the framework for use of artificial intelligence
On 30 October 2023, the G7 approved international guidelines for artificial intelligence (AI) and a code of conduct for AI developers. This adoption is in line with the process initiated at the G7 summit...
Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2023 – recordings & presentations
We were delighted to bring you this year’s Forum, “Blurring Boundaries - Exploring the convergence of life sciences and law”, from Amsterdam.The theme “Blurring Boundaries - Exploring the convergence of life sciences and law” aimed to:Uncover the latest breakthroughs: Dive into the forefront of life sciences advances, including biotechnology, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devicesAddress the regulatory gap: Engage in interactive workshops to bridge the divide between rapid innovation and the development of legal frame­work­sNav­ig­ate global challenges: Explore the impact of globalisation, ethical considerations, privacy concerns, and societal implications on the life sciences sectorFoster collaboration: Connect with legal and scientific minds, exchange ideas, and build valuable re­la­tion­shipsP­resent­a­tions were delivered by fantastic industry speakers, including Annemiek Verkamman (Managing Director, Hollandbio), Charida Dorder (Member of the Dutch AI Coalition), Wouter Boon (Associate Professor, Utrecht University) and Marc Kaptein (Medical Director, Pfizer), as they shared their expertise, thoughts and insights on how the sector is “Blurring Boundaries”. We were also joined by Simon Neill (Senior Legal Director) at Johnson & John­son and Joep Rijnierse (Senior Medical Director) at Amgen in our workshops.This webpage has been designed to keep you updated on the Forum, our speakers, as well as provide you with the useful resources complementing the theme “Blurring Boundaries - Exploring the convergence of life sciences and law”.You will also find on this page details on how to stay connected with CMS through our upcoming webinar series, On the Pulse Webinar Series 2023 - Autumn (cms.law); free eAlert service, Law-Now; and social media channels.
How to draft an AI policy
AI has been around for decades, but there’s been a substantial increase in the use (or, at least, talk about the use) of AI within the workplace as a result of recent advances in AI, in particular...
Five myths about the metaverse
Everyone is talking about the opportunities and risks of AI. The revolution of the internet through the metaverse, on the other hand, almost seems to have been forgotten. That would be a mistake."We believe...
Comprehensive guidance for AI businesses
Navigating the EU Artificial Intelligence Act & AI law related topics
Governing AI in the UK: Interim Report by the House of Commons
The Science, Innovation and Technology Committee appointed by the House of Commons has recently published a report titled “The Governance of Artificial Intelligence: Interim Report” ("the Report")...