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International Corporate Crime, Compliance & Forensics law firm

In an enforcement environment that is constantly evolving, our specialist teams around the world assist clients with all aspects of corporate crime, compliance and forensics. This includes:

  • developing controls to prevent wrongdoing occurring in your business
  • understanding and navigating the legal issues and risks when allegations or concerns arise
  • conducting legally defensible and (where available) legally privileged investigations, while recognising the wider risks and obligations created by the issue at hand.

Our global team of over 400 expert lawyers regularly advises corporates and individuals on financial crime and all other areas of criminal and regulatory risk (be it competition, cyber, environmental, health and safety or otherwise) across multiple jurisdictions.

Their years of experience means they can assist clients to develop effective responses to regulators, prosecutors, customers, employees and other key stakeholders during a crisis.

Whether you want a strategy to avoid regulatory investigations, or a way to minimise the impact of unforeseen corporate crime or regulatory failure, we will provide you with clear and pragmatic advice tailored to your needs.

Corporate Crime

We work to safeguard our clients’ businesses to resolve issues quickly and effectively with minimal reputational harm.  We help our clients to demonstrate a robust and defensible position to regulators and prosecutors.


We help clients to develop a robust governance framework and to implement appropriate and risk-based improvements to compliance systems and controls, consistent with market best practice and regulatory expectations. We regularly advise on global and local controls, often providing advice across multiple jurisdictions and legal regimes to help give clients comfort that their controls meet local requirements.  This work includes risk assessments, due diligence, data collection procedures, crisis management and investigation plans, appropriate governance controls (policies and procedures) and aligning your finance and risk functions.


We are your single point of contact, to detect, investigate and resolve wrongdoing. We have market-leading forensic tools to gather, host and review data sources to uncover the facts under investigation efficiently and thoroughly.  Our teams also help clients to navigate the pitfalls of legal privilege/ professional secret, data protection, data transfer and employment, as well as positive reporting obligations, all of which can expose businesses to greater risk if not handled correctly from the outset.

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The COVID-19 lockdown will not last forever. Operating both during and beyond the lockdown could throw up novel and unexpected corporate crime and liability risks for businesses. Resuming or increasing...
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