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Corporate and M&A advice with local expertise and global perspective | Experts in cross-border Corporate and M&A advice

CMS does more deals in Europe than any other law firm and have the global footprint to connect the dots anywhere in the world.

Over 1,400 Corporate/M&A experts collaborate across 45 countries globally to create a one-stop shop with seamless advice for multijurisdictional transactions. Our team excels in every aspect of our service by focusing on clear, practical advice that makes the difference.

How we can help

We bring a winning combination of deep local expertise and global perspective paired with broad experience in putting together agile cross-departmental teams to handle the largest multijurisdictional M&A transactions. Our top internationally recognised lawyers provide practical and business oriented solutions.

What we do differently

Sector focus is in our DNA, making us a global leader in corporate work in key economic sectors such as Energy, Financial Services, Hospitality & Leisure, Private Equity, Consumer and Retail, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Healthcare and Life Sciences, where we act for many of the world’s leading public and private companies, financial institutions and funds.

Our philosophy

Changing the face of law with our unusually strong focus on innovation and creativity, we represent the future-facing law firm. We are bold, dynamic and agile and foster a culture of innovation that is practical, accessible and effective.

Contact us for national and international aspects in the following areas: Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate governance, International Corporate Reorganisations, Public takeovers, Restructuring and Insolvency, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Equity Capital Markets, Post Merger Integration, IPOs, Corporate Advice.

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CMS M&A European Out­look 2022: Road to re­cov­ery
Septem­ber 2021 We are pleased to provide you with this year’s edi­tion of the “European M&A Out­look”, pub­lished in co-op­er­a­tion with Mer­ger­mar­ket
CMS European M&A Study 2022
The CMS Cor­por­ate/M&A Group is pleased to launch the four­teenth edi­tion of the European M&A Study
Emer­ging Europe M&A Re­port 2020/2021
CMS re­port of­fers a high-level ana­lys­is of M&A activ­ity in emer­ging Europe...
CMS Ex­pert Guide for dir­ect­ors and CEOs
 We last up­dated this guide in April 2020 in re­sponse to the out­break of COV­ID-19 – to in­clude spe­cif­ic guid­ance for dir­ect­ors on their re­spons­ib­il­it­ies in light of the pan­dem­ic, and to provide a sum­mary of the rel­ev­ant changes in law made as coun­tri


Cryptoassets held by in­di­vidu­als: What con­sti­tutes “trad­ing” for tax pur­poses
HM Rev­en­ue & Cus­toms (“HM­RC”) con­tin­ues to up­date and ex­pand its guid­ance on the tax­a­tion of cryptoassets held by in­di­vidu­als. In this series, we will ex­plore vari­ous tax top­ics rel­ev­ant to in­di­vidu­als...
Cryptoassets held by in­di­vidu­als: In­her­it­ance tax and pen­sions tax re­lief
HM Rev­en­ue & Cus­toms (“HM­RC”) con­tin­ues to up­date and ex­pand its guid­ance on the tax­a­tion of cryptoassets held by in­di­vidu­als. In this series, we will ex­plore vari­ous tax top­ics rel­ev­ant to in­di­vidu­als...
Rus­sia sanc­tions up­date: UK bans new in­vest­ment in­to Rus­sia
New UK sanc­tions reg­u­la­tions have come in­to force im­pos­ing the most rig­or­ous re­stric­tion on do­ing busi­ness with Rus­sia since the in­va­sion of Ukraine on 24 Feb­ru­ary 2022. The twelfth amend­ment to the Rus­sia...
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Cash pool­ing | 2022 up­date
2022 up­date We are pleased to present an up­dated and ex­ten­ded ver­sion of CMS Ex­pert Guide to Cash Pool­ing.Cash pool­ing en­ables cor­por­ate groups to min­im­ise ex­pendit­ure in­curred in con­nec­tion with bank­ing fa­cil­it­ies through eco­nom­ies of scale. Cash pool­ing agree­ments must be care­fully struc­tured in or­der to min­im­ise the risks of civil or crim­in­al li­ab­il­ity of the par­ti­cip­at­ing group com­pan­ies and their of­ficers, and also take in­to ac­count the tax is­sues.Es­pe­cially in dif­fi­cult eco­nom­ic times like we are ex­per­i­en­cing now, with a mul­ti­tude of risks (raw ma­ter­i­al prices, dis­rup­ted sup­ply chains, to name but a few), the im­port­ance of ef­fi­cient cash man­age­ment is grow­ing. We see in­creas­ing de­mand on ex­pert­ise on cash pool­ing.In this con­text, this guide provides an over­view of the risks of civil and/or crim­in­al li­ab­il­ity as­so­ci­ated with cash pool­ing in mul­tiple jur­is­dic­tions in which CMS is rep­res­en­ted and dis­cusses the vari­ous means by which such li­ab­il­ity may be avoided.Please do get in touch if you have any ques­tions you would like to dis­cuss with our team.
The fu­ture of UK Sec­ond­ary Fun­drais­ings
The long-an­ti­cip­ated UK Sec­ond­ary Cap­it­al Rais­ing Re­view has landed. The Re­view was led by Fresh­fields part­ner, Mark Aus­tin, fol­low­ing con­sulta­tion with nu­mer­ous mar­ket par­ti­cipants. The Re­view fol­lows...
Ukraine in­tro­duces reg­u­la­tion for zero hours em­ploy­ment agree­ments
As part of the Par­lia­ment of Ukraine's ini­ti­at­ive to re­form the le­gis­lat­ive frame­work and bring la­bour re­la­tions in Ukraine in line with in­ter­na­tion­ally re­cog­nised prac­tices, on 18 Ju­ly 2022 the Par­lia­ment...
US ter­min­ates double tax-treaty with Hun­gary
On 8 Ju­ly 2022, the U.S. Treas­ury De­part­ment an­nounced the ter­min­a­tion of the double-tax treaty with Hun­gary. The treaty, which scores of US in­vestors called very be­ne­fi­cial, was con­cluded in 1979 and...
Up­date on the im­plic­a­tions of the Eco­nom­ic Crime Act for real es­tate
Sum­mary There have been some im­port­ant re­cent de­vel­op­ments with the Eco­nom­ic Crime (Trans­par­ency and En­force­ment) Act 2022 in­clud­ing an in­ten­ded go-live date for the new Com­pan­ies House re­gister to re­cord...
EU­'s Gen­er­al Court con­firms Com­mis­sion's new mer­ger re­fer­ral policy in...
Un­der Art­icle 22 of the EU Mer­ger Reg­u­la­tion (EU­MR), na­tion­al com­pet­i­tion au­thor­it­ies have the pos­sib­il­ity to re­quest re­fer­ral to the Com­mis­sion of any mer­ger, which does not meet the thresholds of the...
Ukraine im­ple­ments em­ploy­ment-re­la­tions op­tim­isa­tion
Fol­low­ing the be­gin­ning of a full-scale stage of a war of ag­gres­sion launched by rus­sia against Ukraine on 24 Feb­ru­ary 2022, the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment has made sig­ni­fic­ant ef­forts to re­arrange and de­reg­u­late...
Breaches of war­ranty: what is the loss?
If an in­no­cent buy­er pays over and above the “true value” of a busi­ness – even as­sum­ing all war­ranties giv­en by the seller are true – how should the buy­er be com­pensated when some of those war­ranties...
UK gov­ern­ment pro­poses ma­jor changes to sov­er­eign im­munity from dir­ect...
At the be­gin­ning of this week, the UK gov­ern­ment sur­prised tax prac­ti­tion­ers and tax­pay­ers alike by re­leas­ing a con­sulta­tion doc­u­ment on the re­form of the UK’s rules for sov­er­eign im­munity from dir­ect...