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CMS advises Andlinger group in purchase of Slovenian Eti

Andlinger & Company will acquire majority interest in the Slovenian Eti Elektroelement d.d., a leading manufacturer of fuses and modular protection devices. The purchaser was provided with legal advice by CMS in Vienna and Ljubljana.

The investor group Andlinger & Company will acquire a majority interest in Eti Elektroelement d.d. and shall pay EUR 55.00 per share. The share transfer will take place at the end of November 2016. The purchaser has the option of acquiring up to 100 percent of the shares in subsequent public takeover proceedings. The purchase price for the complete acquisition is approximately EUR 27.5 million. Andlinger & Company face a sale consortium of 950 Eti shareholders, which also includes the company's employees. To date this is the largest shareholder group to be formed in Slovenia for the sale of a block of shares.

 Andlinger & Company were advised in the purchase of Eti by CMS. The transactions expert Peter Huber, who headed up the CMS team, was happy to state, "We are very pleased that we were able to successfully transact this purchase for our clients in a very ambitious timeframe, despite the complex shareholders structure."  Peter Huber was supported in the Vienna CMS office by Clemens Grossmayer (Partner, Corporate/M&A), Anna Wieser (Attorney-at-Law, Corporate/M&A), Dieter Zandler (Attorney-at-Law, Competition Law) and Bartholomäus Matt (Associate, Corporate/M&A). The purchase was transacted in close co-operation with the CMS team in Ljubljana. The SlovenianCMS transactions team consisted of Aleš Lunder (Partner, Corporate/M&A), Tomaž Petrovič (Partner, Corporate/M&A), Vesna Tišler (Senior Associate, Corporate), Amela Žrt (Senior Associate, Finance), Katja Balažic (Associate, Corporate), Maja Pukl (Associate, Corporate) and Tajda Vrhovec (Associate, Corporate). 

About Andlinger & Company 

Gerhard R. Andlinger, originally from Austria, established Andlinger & Company in 1976. The company is a private investment and management firm with offices in the United States, Vienna and Belgium. Investments are mostly made in industrial companies, where majority interest and management participation positions are sought. Companies which have innovative leadership or a strong niche position are preferred. Every acquisition is led by a team which also brings with it strong operative expertise. 

About Eti

Eti Elektroelement d.d. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of products designed for the protection of electrical fittings in buildings. The Eti company, with its registered offices in Izlake (Central Slovenia), has several subsidiaries abroad, including manufacturing companies in Bosnia, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. It generates more than 90 per cent of its profits abroad. ETI employed around 1,600 people in 2015, and its annual profits were EUR 99.4 million in the same year.

A photo of Peter Huber is available free of charge here:http://sites.cms-rrh.com/downloads/huber-peter-2852.jpg 

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CMS advises Andlinger group in purchase of Slovenian Eti
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