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Joint Ventures and Reorganizations

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Joint ventures and reorganizations offer companies the chance to optimize their internal operations, respond to emerging trends or tap into new market opportunities. Our experienced team of Corporate lawyers anticipate any legal and economic challenges and work together with you to find pragmatic solutions. We will help you to create the right structures within the individual companies, allowing you to take maximum advantage of the available opportunities.

Often, joint ventures and reorganizations are international in scope. As such, they require highly efficient teamwork across jurisdictions and practice areas.

Range of services

  • Joint ventures and minority stakes
    • Shareholder agreements, including voting arrangements and corporate governance
    • Structuring
    • Financing
    • Management structures
    • Dispute resolution mechanisms
    • Termination
  • National and cross-border legal mergers
    • Optimizing regulatory requirements
    • Negotiations with employee representatives
  • Restructuring a group
    • Optimizing group structures
    • Risk allocation
    • Splits, spin-offs and divestments
  • Reorganizations of all kinds
  • Establishment of European stock corporations (Societas Europaea)
    • Structuring, planning and implementing
    • Design of management systems
    • Employee stock option procedures 


Joint ventures and reorganizations are two of our key practice areas. Our clients include international and national listed and non-listed companies, ranging from multinational corporations to SMEs and family-owned businesses.

Given our extensive experience and deep local expertise, we can provide effective advice on highly complex measures, always with our clients’ interests at heart. Thanks to our international network, clients can rely on seamless legal advice from a single source, regardless of the European jurisdictions involved.


CMS Bel­gi­um strengthens its cor­por­ate de­part­ment with two part­ner pro­mo­tions
Law firm CMS is an­noun­cing two part­ner pro­mo­tions with­in its cor­por­ate law de­part­ment in Brus­sels.Grégory de Sauvage joined CMS Brus­sels of­fice in 2006. He is spe­cial­ized in in­solv­ency and white col­lar...
CMS as­sisted Maxi Toys with re­spect to cross-bor­der re­struc­tur­ing
Nearly one year ago, CMS star­ted as­sist­ing the Maxi Toys group with head of­fices in Bel­gi­um and more than 200 shops and 1.200 em­ploy­ees spread over Bel­gi­um, France, Lux­em­bourg and Switzer­land with re­spect...
CMS Bel­gi­um as­sisted Prox­imus with re­gard to the stra­tegic part­ner­ship...
CMS Bel­gi­um as­sisted Prox­imus with re­gard to the stra­tegic part­ner­ship entered in­to with Eurofiber, re­gard­ing the build­ing of an ex­tens­ive fiber net­work in Wal­lo­nia through a ded­ic­ated joint ven­ture...
CMS We­bin­ar Series - Cov­id-19 (Coronavir­us) in Bel­gi­um – Key Con­sid­er­a­tions...
The re­cent rise of Cov­id-19 (Coronavir­us) re­ceives a lot of at­ten­tion and an in­creas­ing worry world­wide. It has caused gov­ern­ments all around the world to take pro­ceed­ings, such as isol­at­ing cer­tain cit­ies...
CMS re­cog­nised for out­stand­ing M&A ad­vis­ory work
CMS has been re­cog­nised by Mer­ger­mar­ket for its out­stand­ing M&A ad­vis­ory work for deals in the value range of EUR 30m-EUR 1bn. Oth­er nom­in­ees in this cat­egory – “European Mid-Mar­ket M&A Leg­al Ad­viser...
Start-up Leg­al Solu­tions
Hav­ing already ad­vised many start-ups, we un­der­stand the risks you have to face. Our ex­perts will guide you through the vari­ous is­sues you might en­counter so that you can fo­cus on what really mat­ters:...
CMS European M&A Study 2016
2015 was a land­mark year for M & A. There were sev­er­al in­dustry game-chan­ging deals. Each of the first three quar­ters of 2015 saw European M&A deal value ex­ceed­ing EUR 170bn cul­min­at­ing in Q4 2015 be­ing...
Sellers tak­ing on less risk in European M&A says CMS re­port
Sellers in European M&A deals faced less risk in 2014 as the re­gion saw a ma­jor up­lift in M&A deal value, ac­cord­ing to a study by CMS, Europe’s largest leg­al ser­vices or­gan­isa­tion.In its sev­enth an­nu­al...
Pur­chase price cer­tainty in­creas­ing in European M&A says CMS re­port
In a re­view of more than 2,000 deals done between 2007-2013, CMS’ sixth an­nu­al M&A Study shows that the de­cline in the use of pur­chase price ad­just­ments in M&A deals in Europe con­tin­ued through­out 2013...