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Portrait of Stéphane Collin

Stéphane Collin


CMS DeBacker
Chaussée de La Hulpe 178
1170 Brussels
Languages French, Dutch, English

Stéphane Collin’s main focus is on private and public company restructuring where he regularly advises Belgian and foreign groups of companies on their equity (merger, contribution and transfer of branch operation, demerger of companies) and non-equity reorganisation or partnership.

He has particular expertise of the steel and cement industry and has acted for several partnerships and construction projects in these sectors.

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Relevant experience

  • Advising a European steel group on the conclusion of a joint venture with a Russian steel group
  • Advising on the conclusion of several joint ventures regarding the building of wind farms in Wallonia
  • Acting for a steel company in the revamping of a high furnace
  • Acting for a concrete company in the construction of a new concrete plant
  • Advising on the merger of public companies (“Intercommunales”) in Wallonia
  • Advising on the conclusion of a partnership regarding the construction of a power plant
  • Acting for a French pharmaceutical group in the reorganisation of the group’s Belgian companies
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  • S. Collin and M. Comans, “Cross-border mergers after Brexit with Belgium”, Thomson Reuters Practical Law, published on 27 September 2018, (www.practicallaw.com/w-016-8013).
  • "Les entreprises conjointes ou 'joint-ventures'", by Stéphane Collin and his department, Guide juridique de l'entreprise, Livre XVIII, Ed. Kluwer, Brussels, 4th edition, 2012
  • La protection de l’actionnaire minoritaire en droit belge”, with Jean-François Goffin, Brussels, Kluwer, 2000
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Lectures list

  • « Réalisation et conséquences juridiques d'une opération de fusion-acquisition », by Stéphane Collin and Jelena Janjevic, seminar organised by Vanham & Vanham, "Fusions, acquisitions et restructurations de sociétés : Actualités en droit des sociétés et en droit fiscal", on 3 April 2014
  • Aspects légaux de la tenue du conseil d’administration, Droits et devoirs de l’administrateur & Responsabilités de l’administrateur”, since 2004, formation organised by the Solvay Business School, in partnership with the Association Belge des Administrateurs
  • Quelles nouvelles contraintes pour les communes, les intercommunales et les administrateurs en matière d’information et de bonne gouvernance?”, 2007, seminar organised by IFE, “Intercommunales: Quels changements depuis le décret du 19/07/2006?” on 25 and 26 September 2007
  • Droits, devoirs et responsabilités de l’administrateur”, 2004, with Jean-François Goffin, seminar organised by the Fondation des Administrateurs on 15 January 2004
  • Quelles responsabilités encourues par les administrateurs et membres du comité de direction? Comment aménager leurs responsabilités?”, 2004, seminar organised by IFE, “Le conseil d’administration”, on 1 December 2004
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  • 1998 - University of Brussels, ULB (Law Degree)
  • 1999 - University of Brussels, KUB (Postgraduate in IP & IT Law)
  • 1999 - Bar admission (Brussels, Belgium)
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