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CMS Hasche Sigle advises Bayer HealthCare on the sale of its anti-infective research activities to Santo Holding AG


Bayer HealthCare AG has entered in to an agreement with Santo Holding (Deutschland) AG, Stuttgart, whereby Santo will acquire a majority of the anti-infective research activities of the pharmaceutical division. The company owners are Dr Andreas Strüngmann and Dr Thomas Strüngmann and their families. Bayer HealthCare will have a minority holding. Bayer HealthCare was advised on the transaction by a team from CMS Hasche Sigle; closing is scheduled for the first quarter of 2006. 
In this sale Bayer HealthCare has successfully completed the planned spin-off of anti-infective research activities having decided at the end of 2004 to concentrate on therapies for cancer and cardio-circulatory risk management including diabetes. 
The domicile of the company will be in the pharmaceutical and chemical centre of Bayer HealthCare in Wuppertal and directed by Prof. Dr Helga Rübsamen-Waigmann, who has hitherto headed BHC anti-infective research activities. Around 25 members of the workforce will keep their jobs and will in future be looking for new classes of agents to treat viral and bacterial disease. This will include research into the areas human cytomegalie virus (HCMV), hepatitis C, HIV, herpes and gram positive bacteria. The new company will also take on various development products, research projects, patent rights and licences. 
Bayer HealthCare will cooperate with the new company. In this framework BHC will provide its high-performing technology platform and its product development know-how. 
Advisers Bayer HealthCare 
CMS Hasche Sigle 
Ralf Kurney – corporate 
Dr Jörg Zätzsch - corporate 
Dr Jens Wagner – IP 
Dr Gerlind Wisskirchen - employment 
Dr Michael Bauer - competition 
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