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CMS Hasche Sigle obtains successful result for six gas supply companies


The cartel authorities of the Land Hesse recently abandoned its action against six gas supply companies represented by CMS Hasche Sigle.

At the end of June 2005 the Hesse cartel authorities initiated proceedings against a total of 12 gas suppliers on the grounds of alleged abusive practices associated with excessively high gas prices. In August 2005 CMS Hasche Sigle submitted comprehensive legal opinions on behalf of Mainova AG (Frankfurt), Stadtwerke Hanau GmbH, Stadtwerke Haiger, Stadtwerke Herborn GmbH, Gasversorgung Main-Kinzig GmbH (Gelnhausen) and Gasversorgung Rüsselsheim GmbH respectively repudiating the allegations of abuse of a market-dominant position. There followed intensive talks with the Hesse cartel authorities which led to the cartel authorities discontinuing the proceedings.

Mainova AG was represented by Dr Harald Kahlenberg, the other five gas suppliers by Dr Christian Haellmigk, both of the CMS Hasche Sigle office in Stuttgart.

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