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New Edition: Commentary on Copyright Law - 3rdEdition by Wandtke / Bullinger


The publishers of the Commentary on Copyright Law, Prof. Dr Artur-Axel Wandtke and Prof. Dr Winfried Bullinger, have put the third edition of their successful book on the market. The work is published by C.H. Beck and has been in the bookstores for just a few days.

The authors have thoroughly revised the commentary and added 370 pages. The work effectively explains the Copyright Act and its associated statutes such as the German Copyright Administration Act, German Art Copyright Act, insolvency law as related to copyright law and the copyright law situation resulting from the German Unification Treaty. The commentary places a special emphasis on copyright law issues in electronic media offering comprehensive answers and technical know-how. The authors provide important arguments on questions regarding digital use of work and appropriate copyright remuneration. This commentary provides the reader with a work that will prove useful in daily practice; it depicts the current media situation correctly and with a clear understanding of the technical and economical implications.

"Copyright law plays a central role in today's information society", states Prof. Dr Winfried Bullinger, "the dynamic developments of digital technology and the scope of the changes in copyright law raise new legal questions that are of considerable importance." The new edition answers these questions and, in addition to reflecting the current case law on copyright law, it also takes the revised draft for further amendments to copyright law into account (Zweiter Korb). Even the Act to Implement "Enforcement - Directive no. 2004/48/EC“ enacted on 01.09.2008 and the new regulation on resale rights have been integrated into the commentary. Also: The copyright law definition of work and exploitation rights in the light of new technical developments as well as the law of technical protective measures.

3rd edition 2009, 2276 pages, linen 
ISBN 978-3-406-56666-0 
EUR 168.00 
C.H. Beck


Prof. Dr Artur-Axel Wandtke, Humboldt University,Berlin 
Prof. Dr Winfried Bullinger, Partner, Industrial Property Rights, Copyright, Sports, Media and Press

Authors CMS Hasche Sigle:

Prof. Dr Winfried Bullinger, Berlin 
Michael Fricke, Hamburg, 
Dr Malte Grützmacher, Hamburg 
Dr Ole Jani, Berlin 
Stefan Lüft, Munich, all Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright


Prof. Dr Winfried Bullinger, Tel.: +49 30 20360 - 2401 
E-mail: [email protected]

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