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National implementing measures of the 4th Money laundering Directive

Past event
11 May 2017, 08:15 - 10:30

CMS France and CMS Germany would cordially like to invite you to attend a conference aimed at all those who want to understand how financial institutions either acting locally or operating cross border (including banks, insurers and fund companies) ought to apply each of the national implementing measures of the 4th Money laundering Directive in which they operate.

All EU countries (including the UK!) are required to have implemented by 26 June 2017 EU Directive 2015/849 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing (AML/CFT).

One of the biggest challenge of the 4th Money laundering Directive (and the 5th one as well) will be to identify the clients’ beneficial owners and ensure that those identified through the clients are the same as those registered in the new national registrars.

The speakers will address the key areas of changes and risks for financial institutions. They will give a perspective from two of the major Continental Europe Centres, Germany and France, speaking from the city of Paris.

N.B.: Please note that Jérôme Sutour and Alexandre Marion will express themselves in French.

  • In the asset management field, who between the managers or their distributors will bear the onus of identifying the clients and their beneficial owners?
  • What is left of the existing waivers of vigilance given the new risk based approach?
  • Does the extension of the risk based approach really give more flexibility to the financial institutions to handle their risks and obligations?
  • Is the scope of politically exposed persons the same in all EU countries?
  • How must be assessed the identification of money laundering of tax crimes?
  • Which AML/CFT laws credit/insurance distributors acting on behalf of banks/insurance companies operating cross border must apply?
  • What is the cross border impact on payment services/e-money?


Picture of Jérome Sutour
Jérôme Sutour
Joachim Kaetzler
Dr. Joachim Kaetzler
Alexandre Marion