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Taxation of the non-profit and public sector (taxation of not-for-profit organisations and charities)

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Increasing economic pressure, the reform of the welfare state, growing numbers of civil society initiatives, the expansion of digital technology and the extraordinary opportunities it brings, the proliferation of corporate citizen initiatives: recent socio-economic trends explain and emphasise the increasing importance of the non-profit sector. 
As a key player in this sector, you are subject to special tax arrangements, which have to be applied carefully and which are potentially disadvantageous, given the challenges you face. Whether it is a matter of VAT, payroll tax, taxation of profits or local taxation, these days you are confronted with issues that demand an in-depth expert knowledge, which has to be continually updated.

With extensive experience founded on collaboration with key stakeholders in the non-profit sector (sporting, social, cultural and educational organisations, charities, etc.), our firm will help you prevent and manage fiscal risks, while taking into consideration your specific circumstances and those of the non-profit domain in which you operate, whether this involves recognition by the tax authorities of the non-profit nature of your business, implementation of sector-specific rules or help in the transition to full or partial taxation of your activities.
Our lawyers will support you with taking preventative measures, during tax audits, litigation and with lobbying before the national and European authorities.

Drawing on the cooperation of our specialist lawyers with their complementary expertise, our global, multi-disciplinary approach enables us to fully understand each one of your concerns. Our know-how, nurtured by more than 90 years’ practice and widely recognised by the tax authorities, means that we can provide you with the guidance you need to make your strategic and tactical decisions with the utmost legal certainty.

Conscious of the implications of their advice and keenly aware of the challenges you face, our lawyers are committed to offering you practical and perennial solutions that are perfectly suited to your particular needs. For each project, we will assemble the perfect team to meet your specific goals, led by one of our partners, who will be both your go-to contact and your guarantee of the quality of our services.