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Bond issuance by the City of Lyon: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre advisor to the lead manager


As part of its strategy to diversify its funding sources through the use of primary markets, the City of Lyon has recently completed its second private bond issue for 20 million euros at a rate of 2.67% and maturity at eight years.

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvreadvised Commerzbank AG and Global Investment Services which supported the city as dealers in this transaction, the success of which was due in particular to the long-term quality of the signature of the City of Lyon and the understanding of its investment plans. The investment was made by an institutional investor.

his new issue confirms the popularity of this type of primary-market financing among local authorities, since it offers an alternative to traditional bank loans at advantageous financial conditions.

The prospectus for the transaction was approved by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) on 22 August 2013 and the bonds were accepted for trading on Euronext Paris on 26 August 2013.

The CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre team comprised Marc-Etienne Sébire, Head of Capital Markets and Rosetta Ferrère (for capital market aspects), François Tenailleau, Partner, and Kawthar Ben Khelil (for public law aspects).

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