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CMS advises CBL in acquisition of SFS


CMS acts as counsel for CBL Corporation Limited in the acquisition of Securities & Financial Solutions Europe

CMS is the legal counsel for the New Zealand insurer CBL Corporation Limited (CBL) in the framework of the process to acquire Securities & Financial Solutions Europe (SFS), the leader in construction insurance in France, and IMS Expert Europe (IMS).

In this matter, CMS' team is composed of:

  • For Corporate/M&A aspects, Jean-Robert Bousquet (Partner) and Benoît Gomel in France, Julien Leclère (Partner) and Sylvain Elias in Luxembourg, with the support of Helen Johnson (Partner), Stephen Netherway (Partner), Nicholas Kuria and Ruth Jones in the United Kingdom;
  • For Regulatory aspects in Luxembourg, Vivian Walry (Partner) and Nicolas Gerique;
  • For due diligence, in addition to the individuals referred to above, Caroline Froger-Michon (Partner) and Aurélie Parchet foremployment law aspects, Anne-Laure Villedieu (Partner) and Thomas Livenais for commercial law and intellectual property aspects, Aline Divo (Partner) and Arnaud Valverde for real estate law aspects, and Laurent Mion (Partner) and Benjamin Guilleminot for Regulatory and financing aspects, in France.

CMS' Italian and Belgian teams were also involved in the due diligence; Sonia Lods, from Lods Avocat, for her part, being responsible for due diligence involving insurance matters.

CBL is also advised by Benjamin Tarac (Partner) and Damien Birbes from KPMG for financial due diligence aspects, and by Emmanuel Delaby (Partner) and Romain Jousselin from Delaby & Dorison Avocats for due diligence relative to taxation.

CBL is supported by Tony Hannon (Partner), Carl Griffiths (Executive Director) and Joshua Kerslake from Bancorp for financial aspects.

The vendors are advised by Thomas Gaucher (Managing Partner), Nicolas Saint-Pierre (Director) and Meryem El Idrissi (Senior Analyst) from Easton Clearwater for financial aspects.

The vendors are assisted by Jean-Jacques Pujol (Partner) and René Armilhon from Arago and by Arnaud Kriger-Metzger from the Kriger Metzger firm for Corporate/M&A aspects, as well as by Gilles Gaillard (Partner), Myriam Delawari-de-Gaudusson (Partner) and Cécile Buzy (Senior Manager) from De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés for employment law aspects.

KPMG was responsible for financial VDD.

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