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CMS BFL counsel to Schenker France and Schenker Mauritanie


Mauritania: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre counsels Schenker France and Schenker Mauritanie on the transfer of their Mauritania Catering operations to the Newrest group.

Schenker Mauritanie, a subsidiary of Schenker France, has transferred its Catering business, which is targeted on customers from the Mauritanian oil and gas sector, to Newrest Mauritania, a subsidiary within the Newrest group.

This transaction is part of Schenker's recentring of its operations in Mauritania on its core business of logistics services.

Schenker Mauritanie and Schenker France were advised on law and tax issues by the firm of CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, through Pierre Marly (partner), Bénédicte Bonnafous-Delmotte and Nicole Marielle (associates) of the Africa department, Christophe Lefaillet (partner), who dealt with the French company law aspects and Christian Peyrou and Arnaud Donguy (partners), who dealt with the French tax aspects.

The Newrest group used internal counsel.

For further information, please contact :
CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre
Florence Jouffroy / Tel: +33 1 47 38 40 32
Laetitia Mostowski / Tel: +33 1 47 38 40 74

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