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DJCE - CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Award fort the best future lawyers by team - Announce the winners

The seventh annual DJCE - CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre award for the best future lawyers by team took place on 21 April 2017 in the firm's offices in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

The Winners are: Marlène Béduchaud (DJCE Rennes), Brice Trévisan (DJCE Poitiers) and Louis-Marie Trocheris (DJCE Montpellier). They each received a cheque for €2,000 and the offer of an internship at the firm. Attending the awards were Jacques Raynard, Chairman of the FNDE, and many of the firm's lawyers, former students of this prestigious diploma.

The DJCE - CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre award for the best future lawyers by team rewarded three students from the eleven DJCE programmes in France for their ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams. The aim of this award is to provide students with experience that will prepare them for their future professional life.

Fifteen students, selected for their motivation and organised into five teams, work on the same case in collaboration with the firm's lawyers. At the end of the day, each team presents their legal advice to an internal jury.

This year the members of the jury included: Pierre Carcelero, Partner in taxation, Virginie Corbet-Picard, Associate in corporate law and Damien Decolasse, Associate in employment and pensions law.

Furthermore, this session was also an opportunity for each student to take part in a series of practical workshops for the purpose of guiding them in their coming research on internships and employment (producing a CV, preparing for a job interview and awareness of social networks).

About the DJCE:
The Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d’Entreprise (DJCE) was created in 1966 and in 1971 the course was offered by the Fondation Nationale pour le Droit de L’Entreprise, which subsequently became the Fédération Nationale pour le Droit de l’Entreprise (FNDE). This diploma was the result of legal professionals and academics working closely together to strike a balance between practical training and research in the area of corporate law.

Founding universities:

  • Corporate Law Centre of Montpellier University’s Faculty of Law
  • Business Law Centre of Aix-en-Provence University’s Faculty of Law
  • Business Law Centre of Rennes University’s Faculty of Law

Founding legal professionals:

  • Association French des Juristes the Company (A.F.J.E.)
  • Association Nationale des Juristes de Banque
  • Association Nationale des Juristes working as a group practice or in a company

Partnership agreement signed on 29 September 1986 with:

  • Bureau d’Etudes Francis Lefebvre (since renamed CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre)
  • Jacques Barthélémy law firm
  • Coopers & Lybrand law firm (since renamed Landwell & Associés)
  • FIDAL law firm

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