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Portrait of Aurélie Parchet

Aurélie Parchet


CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats
2 rue Ancelle
92522 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Languages French, English, German

Aurélie joined CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats in 2014. 

She works on employment law, both on individual work relations (drafting of employment contracts, managing workplace health issues, implementing disciplinary sanctions and dismissal procedures, mutual agreement terminations, negotiation and preparation of settlement agreements, etc.) and on collective relations (issues related to employees representatives, workplace elections, strikes, restructuring, etc.). 

She also handles employment aspects of M&A transactions (due diligences, support during information/consultation procedures, post-acquisition monitoring, etc.).

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Best Lawyer - Labor and Employment Law

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Memberships & Roles

  • Member of the Hauts-de-Seine 
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  • Labour law publications on a regular basis
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  • CAPA - Paris Bar School (2014)
  • MBA / Master’s degree in Business law and management, University Paris II -Panthéon-Assas (2013)
  • Master’s degree in private law, University Paris II - Panthéon-Assas (2012)
  • University Degree of the “College de Droit”, University Paris II - Panthéon-Assas (2012)
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