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Portrait of György Bálint

György Bálint

Senior Counsel

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP Magyarországi Fióktelepe
YBL Palace
Károlyi utca 12
1053 Budapest
Languages English, German, Italian

György is senior counsel in the employment team at CMS Budapest. Before joining CMS he worked for another international law firm for 13 years.

György is an experienced labour law specialist who has advised several market-leading companies from the automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction and TMT sectors. 

He has broad experience in collective and individual labour law matters, employment law-related due diligence exercises, preparing, reviewing, modifying and terminating employment contracts, and drafting employment rules and policies. He also counsels various employment litigation cases.

György also has substantial experience in corporate law and data protection matters.

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Relevant experience

  • Microsoft on employment and disciplinary matters, establishing and terminating employment relationships, including at management level, updating various labour law documentation concerning data privacy requirements, and making risk assessments of employment structures.
  • Roche Services Europe on introducing home office/teleworking arrangements, on implementing various internal policies, executing global restructuring measures locally, resolving daily HR problems and in establishing, modifying and terminating employment relationships.
  • A major civil aviation company on day-to-day employment and disciplinary matters, and establishing and terminating employment relationships, including at management level.
  • The Hungarian entities of an American multinational information technology company on policies, termination of employment, disciplinary and litigation support.
  • An American global management consulting firm on the full range of legal services in a proposed transaction that had significant labour law implications.
  • An American global investment management corporation on establishing and terminating employment, on various working-time scheduling arrangements, evaluation and disciplinary matters, the facilitation of third-country nationals’ employment, and the elaboration and implementation of internal policies. Additionally providing support concerning employees’ performance issues, which resulted in the implementation of a “personal improvement plan”, which is now regularly used and serves as a basis for employees’ evaluations.
  • An American multinational technology company on home office/teleworking arrangements, reviewing various employment-related documents regarding data privacy requirements, terminating employment relationships, including at management level, disciplinary matters as well as providing support on working-time scheduling arrangements.
  • An American multinational chemical corporation on providing both individual and collective employment advice concerning the Client’s operations in Hungary. Additionally helping with consultancy regarding moving the production site and an envisaged transfer of undertakings, which is planned to result in a significant transformation of the affected market. Also advising on all employment-related matters (reorganisation, separation matters) regarding the merger of two of the largest chemical companies.
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Memberships & Roles

  • Bar Association, Budapest
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  • 2006 - Deák Ferenc Postgraduate Institution (lawyer specialised in European law)
  • 2003 - Doctor of Law, Pázmány Péter Catholic University
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