Here’s a selection of our energy sector credentials in Mexico:

  • Kino - On the acquisition of a Portfolio that includes 8 projects with a capacity of 1,712 MW mostly comprised of project in execution with a total of 1,283 MW and 429 MW already in operation by wind and solar technology, located in Coahuila, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas and Jalisco, which are characterized by favorable resources and supporting renewable energy development.
  • Brookfield Renewable - On the acquisition of several photovoltaic assets in different phases, such as operational, under construction, secured tariff, owned by X-Elio.
  • Energy Infrastructure Plan - The Mexican Federal Government present an Energy Infrastructure Plan, that consist in 137 infrastructure projects, including electricity and oil and gas sector, with a first capital investment of 100 million dollars of the private sector, commented by Alfonso Romo Head of President’s Office.
  • Rassini -  On the advising for the power supply agreement, the congestion adjust agreement, exceeding commercialization agreement, in regulatory matters with the modification of the generation permit and with the interconnection agreement as well as the power import.
  • Zuma -  On the advising on public policy issues, and on interconnection points of its power plants.
  • EDF - On the transmission line cancellation, early termination, force majeure event. Regulatory, Wholesale Electricity Market, Power Purchase Agreements.
  • The Ministry of Energy and the National Center for Energy Control -  Publish the call to participate in the 2017 Long-Term Electric Auction. With private and public companies, including the CFE, will compete to sell electricity in the best conditions for the Basic Service Provider and, for the first time, to sell it to other participating buyers. The third electric auction will attract investments in generation guaranteeing the fulfilment of clean energy goals at competitive costs.
  • Eni - On the legal advice on maritime, anti-corruption, tendering and regulatory aspects of the exploration and extraction activities in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, advising in a constitutional administrative litigation initiated  by native Indigenous Communities located near the shore of the Gulf of Mexico against the National Commission of Hydrocarbons and the Ministry of Energy acts related to the Energy Reform and the occupancy of land, and recently awarded by Lukoil Upstream Mexico in order to provide broad legal advice in relation to the Block 12 awarded by the National Commission of Hydrocarbons.
  • ENEL Green Power - On the definition and implementation of geothermal electricity projects within the new electricity industry.
  • World Bank and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy -  On the creation of a legal framework that permitted the participation of the private sector in the electric industry and established incentives for attracting private capital in Cambodia.

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