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Portrait of Vivian Walry

Vivian Walry

Partner | Avocat à la Cour

CMS DeBacker Luxembourg
Rue Goethe 3
1637 Luxembourg
Languages French, English

Vivian heads the Banking & Finance practice of CMS Luxembourg. He has a sound expertise in banking transactional matters, regulatory matters as well as capital markets. In these areas, he assists institutional clients, major international companies, asset management companies and investors in diversified and complex transactions.

Vivian also advises major international insurance companies on insurance law matters, notably on cross-border matters.

He was admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in 2003. 

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"Vivian Walry is excellent with clients. Always prepared to go the extra mile and is very good at explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand manner which clients appreciate very much."

Legal500, 2022

"The excellent Vivan Walry not only has a superb grasp of the legal angles, but is very well-versed in the broader business aspects. Attention to detail is second-to-none."

Legal500, 2022

"The very clever Vivian Walry has a very clear business-oriented approach to matters. In addition, he is always available and involved in the matters, which helps to create the necessary confidence. His technical skills and experience are out of discussion."

Legal500, 2022

"Vivian Walry is experienced and knowledgeable."

Legal500, 2022

Vivian Walry leads the ‘very responsive and helpful’ team at CMS, where the ‘client service is excellent’. The firm advises corporations, banks and other financial institutions on large transactions with recent financing values ranging from €40m to €900m.

Legal 500, 2015

Vivian Walry is knowledgeable, committed to the task and focused on the advice to be delivered.

Legal500 2021

Vivian Walry is recognised as Notable Practicioner.

IFLR1000 2021

Relevant experience

  • Advising a global asset management firm regarding its acquisition of a EUR 900 million non-performing loan portfolio comprised of around 200 retail, office and industrial commercial properties spread throughout Germany, with 50 loan connections and each between €20m and €50m.
  • Advising Somfy Group on its implementation in Luxembourg, listing on the Euro MTF and the whole regulatory process.
  • Advising a European financial leading group in banking services in connection withseveral financing transactions, including a EUR 168 million financing of SPVs established by a hotel operator in Austria and Germany
  • Advising a Swiss bank on cross border banking and investment services, offering and marketing of investment and insurance products, advertising policies, procedures and materials. 
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  • 2003 – Complementary courses in Luxembourg Law “CCDL”, University of Luxembourg
  • 2001 – Special degree in Multimedia and Information systems law, University Robert Schuman, Strasbourg
  • 2000 – Master in Private Law, University of Lille 
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