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CMS Guide to Dismissals

14 Feb 2018

In the world of the total globalization, there are still considerable differences in the labour laws of individual countries, caused by their different economic, historical and political contexts. Businesses and, in particular multinational companies are often challenged by the maze of employment laws and rules when implementing business decisions. In case of time-sensitive and complex employment issues, it is of paramount importance to have a readily available set of guidelines. 

Our CMS Guides to Dismissals provide an easy to use overview of termination procedures for employees and managing directors across Europe, Asia and Latin America. The first part of the Guides deals with termination procedures for employees and the second part for managing directors. The Guides are intended to provide CMS’s international clients with a summary of local laws across 33 countries, making it easier to understand both the similarities and differences between jurisdictions.

If you are an HR professional, an in-house counsel, have an international HR responsibility or come from a company that requires advice on employment matters, we are happy to share these Guides with you. If they encourage you to seek more detailed information, then please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to provide further advice. We have a proven track record in understanding our clients’ needs, and in delivering a professional and seamless service.

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