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Clean Energy, Environment & Climate Change

Law Firm in the Netherlands specialised in Clean Energy, Environment & Climate Change

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With more than 450 lawyers in more than 70 offices across the globe, our Energy & Climate Change Group is one of the largest of its kind.

It was founded on ground-breaking work designing and implementing modern energy markets and making them fit for purpose, which now involves reshaping them to meet the demands of the energy transition to a decarbonised economy, renewable power and the various responses to the climate crisis.

From advising on climate change strategy, new technologies, risk and disputes, sustainable finance, environmental regulation, corporate net zero strategies and major infrastructure projects, we advise our clients globally, operationally and strategically.

With respect to climate change, the group’s work focuses primarily on the following areas:

  • Renewable power
  • Carbon capture, use and storage
  • Hydrogen
  • Corporate net zero strategies
  • Sustainable finance
  • Electric vehicles and decarbonisation of the transport sector
  • Circular economy
  • Energy transition
  • Industrial decarbonisation

The work encompassed by our Energy & Climate Change Group is wide-ranging and across most parts of CMS’s practices, geographies and sectors.

Our lawyers work closely with our clients to ensure that the solutions we develop are commercially sound and legally compliant. They advise on financing and optimising structures from a tax perspective as well as help manage environmental risks and liabilities and resolve conflicts.

Thanks to the combination of our local expertise with our international perspective and our cross-sectoral knowledge, we help ensure clients receive the advice best suited to their business needs and to our collective future.

Please contact any of our ESG lawyers to explore solutions to your needs.

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ESG and climate change litigation: external pressure on companies CMS’s Climate Change Risk Report confirmed the impact on corporations from external public interest groups that are focused on climate change. As this article shows, a key driver of Climate Risk for corporations revolves around information. Companies are producing reports that are deluging investors with information on how they are measuring and managing their impact on and from climate change. Climate change is one of the environmental factors provided for in the letter “E” of the ESG principles: Environmental, Social and Governance. Climate change litigation is a direct and growing risk to corporations that fall under the spotlight of a variety of potential claims against an increasing number of potential claimants. It is prudent to actively manage this risk through dispute avoidance strategies, having plans in place to deal quickly and effectively with the situation where a claim is brought, and understanding the key features that are  typically at  play in such litigation. Climate change litigation is ascending the corporate-risk register. NGOs and individuals are increasingly using the courts to try to achieve their objectives, including enforcing corporate and governmental adherence to environmental regulations, sustainability targets and broader ESG principles. Litigation can also encourage behavioural change by raising public awareness for climate change, environmental harms and other human rights infringements. Spurred on by landmark judgments in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Italy, France, Ireland and the UK, climate change claims have now been filed in over 40 countries. The COVID-19  crisis  has  already accelerated  a  focus on sustainability and social responsibility. In addition, existing social dynamics result in more public pressure on climate-change prevention. If the transition process will not go fast enough, private enforcement through litigation in court might act as a ‘big stick’, motivating corporations to get on the right track. In addition to pressure from external parties, potential investors and shareholders are also increasing their internal focus on climate change and ESG.
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