In the event of involuntary liquidation or a possible relaunch, often assets need to be sold. In addition, matters such as debt collection, consultations with the banks on the enforcement of security interests, investigations into directors' and officers' liability, investigations into the background and causes of the involuntary liquidation and the takeover of any proceedings still pending all play a role. Our lawyers, acting as liquidators, can take care of all these matters. CMS is often asked to assist a company in its petition for involuntary liquidation, to act against the liquidator or to assist a company in its negotiations with the liquidator on the takeover of assets (a relaunch). We also specialize in this work and can rely on many years of practical experience and close involvement in large national and international involuntary liquidations.

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“Very dedicated team, top professionals, high standards, nice people to work with.”

IFLR1000, 2019
BNR Za­kendoen over het In­ter­toys fail­lisse­ment met Marc van Zanten van...
Door felle con­cur­ren­tie van prijs­vechters en on­line spel­ers, zag de ei­gen­aar van In­ter­toys geen an­dere uit­weg dan de stek­ker uit het bedrijf trekken. Toch lijkt het af­scheid niet defin­it­ief, vi­er po­tentiële ko­p­ers zouden zich hebben gemeld. We praten
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