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The sports world requires specialist legal services. Sports clubs, associations and individual sportsmen and women may require assistance in a highly diverse range of practice areas.

Think, for example, of legal matters to do with sponsoring, portrait rights or transfers. The legal aspects of the sale of TV rights to sports competitions and events also demand a thorough knowledge of the underlying issues. European legislation concerning sport is highly complex too.

Legal assistance is essential for the development and construction of stadiums. Knowledge of legislation and regulations is important when applying for permits for renovations or extensions. The same applies when leasing a sports complex. How, for example, can you deal in the best way with the inconvenience your sports association causes through the use of lighting masts?

You may also be confronted with questions in the area of employment law and liability. What do you need to watch out for when entering into and terminating employment contracts with trainers and coaches? Who is liable if volunteers cause damage or if something happens to them? If volunteers receive any payment of expenses, is this still a genuine volunteer agreement or an employment contract?

You can rely on CMS to provide expertise in all the usual areas of law. We are actively involved in sport, also as sponsor, and provide you with practical, personalized advice.

Michiel Dijk
Michiel van Dijk
Netherlands, Amsterdam
As a lawyer/partner, Michiel van Dijk specialises in sports cases and employment law. In his sports practice, Michiel mainly advises sports associations, sports clubs and (international) top athletes...
Amajanti Beek
Amajanti van de Beek
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Amajanti van de Beek is an advocaat in our Employment & Pensions Practice Group.​She specialises in employment law and sports law