Oil & Gas


The CMS Grau Oil and Gas practice is characterized by its knowledge of the sector and of the needs of the client. The knowledge of the sector is manifested in the in-depth knowledge of the Peruvian hydrocarbons legislation in all its stages, from upstream, midstream and downstream, as well as in the operation of the industry. The knowledge of the needs of our customers is manifested in our understanding of the problems faced by companies in the hydrocarbons sector, which allows us to reach solutions that are focused on the real needs of the client.

The professionals who make up the practice have been professionally trained in the hydrocarbons sector, both in public entities that comprise it and in regulated private companies, resulting in an extensive knowledge of legal regulations and legislation on exploration, exploitation, transportation, distribution and commercialization of liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas; and a comprehensive view of the problems faced by the industry. The experience of our lawyers allows us to provide legal counseling with creative solutions that eliminate or mitigate the contingencies of our clients.

We also participate in the legal defense of administrative disciplinary proceedings initiated by the regulators; we have ample experience accompanying and representing in processes of supervision and control initiated by the main supervisory entities of the sector.

Our lawyers participate on an ongoing basis in academic events related to oil, gas, electricity, and public-private partnerships both nationally and internationally.

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