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Carlos Hamann


CMS Grau
Av. Santa María 110
Miraflores, L18
Languages English, Spanish

With more than 20 years of experience working as a lawyer, in 2013 Carlos Hamann joined CMS Grau as a partner, specialized in the areas of energy and natural resources, resolution of disputes and foreign investment. He focuses his practice in the advice of foreign investment in large projects in the energy sector and natural resources, either through concessions and license agreements with the State, as in contracts between private parties. He has advised on the participation of the major public tenders and bids that the state has led in the energy sector, from the stage of observations to the databases up to the award, recruitment and execution of the contract.

Additionally, during the last decade of practice as an attorney, Carlos Hamann has participated in the design and implementation of legal strategies in the process of resolution of legal disputes at the national and international level, surpassing in some cases the sum of US$ 300 Million Dollars of the United States of America.

CMS Peru’s Energy Practice team lawyers has recognized expertise obtained  working in several Oil & Gas and Power projects as in-house, as well as in the main related Public Entities, which allows them to have a full understanding on the business for sorting out with a wide range of possible and practical solutions for the benefit of our clients.

Among the main customers of Carlos are conventional electric generation companies (thermal and water), renewable electric generation companies (wind, geothermal and solar energy), electricity transmission companies, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon transport companies (virtual and pipelines), companies of refined oil, gas distribution companies, investment funds in energy.

Before CMS Grau, Carlos was Legal and Government Affairs Director at SAVIA Peru S.A. (2009 - 2013) and International Relations Manager of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) (2006 - 2009). He has also been a Professor of Law at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) (2008-2015) and Member of the Administration Council of the Pronature Foundation (Fundación Pronaturaleza).

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Carlos Hamann is very well respected in the Peruvian legal community, which adds a lot of credibility to his work. He is an excellent lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable and business-focused.

Chambers Latin America 2022 (Energy & Natural Resources: Oil & Gas)

He has experience in the private sector and his knowledge is not limited to the theory only; he knows in detail all matters that concern our business. He is able to provide real solutions to the problems we face.

Chambers Latin America 2021 (Energy & Natural Resources: Oil & Gas)

Practice co-head Carlos Hamann draws praise from sources for “his depth knowledge of the sector”. They add: “He is a very agile lawyer who is able to identify problems from an early stage and propose solutions. He gives us great peace of mind.”

Chambers Latin America 2017 (Energy & Natural Resources / Oil & Gas)

Relevant experience

    • on the termination of the Peruvian Southern Gas Pipeline Contract as shareholder and qualified operator, having a high degree of sectoral components, requiring a thorough knowledge of the concession contract, material contracts (Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Operation and Maintenance), regulatory standards, among other matters. The Project is valued in US$ 4,200 MM.
    • in the tender for the award of the project "System of Supply of LPG for Lima and Callao". Enagás participates as Qualified Operator in one of the consortiums that participates in this bid. This project will ensure the supply of LPG in Lima and Callao.
  • PETROPERU, a state-owned oil company – advised on obtaining the necessary authorizations for the assignment to Geopark Perú S.A.C of 75% of its participation in the License Agreement for the Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons in Block 64, located in the Northern Peruvian Jungle.
  • SAPET PERU DEVELOPMENT (CNPC) – advising on land issues for company’s hydrocarbons Block VII/VI located in Northern Peruvian Coast.
  • OLYMPIC PERU INC. – advising on regulatory matters on its exploration activities on Block XIII, located in northern Peru.
  • SAVIA (KNOC and Ecopetrol) - support in the execution of the Exploitation Services Contract (Block Z-2B), renegotiation of a lease agreement with PETROPERU. Such block is located in the Northern Peruvian Coast.
  • ENEL GREEN POWER S.A. - on the permit process necessary to start the construction of the Ayununga Hydroelectric Project (20 MW), which was awarded during its participation in the Fourth Renewable Energies Auction convened by OSINERGMIN (Peruvian’s Energy and Mining Investment Agency) (US$ 65MM).
  • COLBUN S.A. – on the Acquisition of the Fenix Power Thermal Power Plant, procuring one of the largest thermal power plants in Peru, with an installed capacity of 570 MW (USD 728 MM).
  • NEOEN S.A.S. – on its participation in the Fourth RER Auction convened by OSINERGMIN (Peruvian’s Energy and Mining Investment Agency), by reviewing the bases of the auction, the formulation of consultations and observations, the preparation of the offer, as well as supporting in the revision of the power supply contract and the presentation of offers in the first and second rounds. The construction of the solar plant is estimated in US$ 75 MM.
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Memberships & Roles

  • Lima Bar Association (CAL)
  • Arequipa Bar Association (CAA)
  • Peruvian Institute of Mining, Petroleum and Energy Law
  • Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN)
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  • “Petro-Perú: in the MEF´s hands”, By Carlos Hamann, In: Opinion of El Comercio Newspaper, Lima January 16, 2017
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  • 2005 – Master's degree in the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) - Johns Hopkins University
  • 2001 – Masters in Law – Universidad Carlos II (Madrid, España)
  • 1997 – Law Degree, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Lima, Perú)
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