The exponential advance in technology of the past few years has had an impact in different areas in the market, among which is the financial sector; something that has generated a series of benefits that have translated into easing of operations, immediacy and higher profits.

In this sense, our team of specialists in New Technology rights, Banking and Financial Rights, and other branches of law practice that interact with the requirements of the Fintechs, allow us to offer specialized legal counseling to both large financial institutions and entrepreneurs, so that they can achieve a development based on technology and the continuity of their operations in compliance with the current regulatory framework.

Our services in this field include:

  • Consultancy to financial institutions
  • Advice to payment and electronic money institutions
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses, concessions and authorizations
  • Advice in the processing of administrative and jurisdictional procedures
  • Legal support in Big Data products 


CMS Grau incorporates Juan José Hopkins as a new partner with expertise...
Juan José Hopkins has extensive experience advising Peruvian and foreign companies in all types of corporate and project finance transactions; including advising in their seed financing and digital business...