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Clemens Grossmayer
CMS ad­vises capiton/Cym­biQ Group on the ac­quis­i­tion...
26 Sep 18
We­bin­ar: Mer­ger Con­trol and Com­pet­i­tion Law in M&A...
EU to define €100’s of bil­lions pa of sus­tain­able in­vest­ment
It is easy to ask: what does sus­tain­able in­vest­ment mean? The an­swer is not simple even though a lot rides on it. In the EU cli­mate and en­ergy space alone, the EU es­tim­ates that ad­di­tion­al sus­tain­able in­vest­ment will need to rise to €180 bil­lion per an­num (on.
Dr. Roland Wiring
Sep 2018
Di­git­isa­tion in health­care: From uto­pia to real­ity...
Arbeit­nehmer können lange Arbeit­szeiten ablehnen. Doch welche Rah­men­bedin­gun­gen...
Stand­ard­isa­tion of with­draw­al rights for poli­cy­hold­ers and new reg­u­la­tions...
On 4 Ju­ly 2018, the Na­tion­al Coun­cil ad­op­ted a com­pre­hens­ive amend­ment to the rights of with­draw­al for poli­cy­hold­ers. At the same time, the leg­al con­sequences for “late with­draw­al” in life in­sur­ance will be reg­u­lated by law.
CMS Busi­ness Break­fast: Spot­light on the Latest Amend­ment...
Can an app provide a bet­ter dia­gnos­is than a doc­tor? #law­volu­tion...
CMS - Fo­cus­ing on Funds - Re­spons­ib­il­ity and Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Mat­ters
This Fo­cus­ing on Funds up­date looks at a de­vel­op­ing hot top­ic of sus­tain­able, re­spons­ible and im­pact in­vest­ment (SRI) and why this mat­ters for funds. En­vir­on­ment­al, so­cial and gov­ernance (ESG) and SRI is­sues have be­come an in­creas­ingly im­port­ant part of the.
The Mer­ger Con­trol Re­view: Aus­tria
Ein En­twurf der Stadtre­gier­ung sieht gener­elles Ver­bot von Kur­zzeitver­mi­e­tun­gen...