In today’s globalised environment, tax regulation is becoming more and more complex from both a domestic and international perspective, especially when considering the continuous amendments being made to domestic legislation in order to adapt to international law requirements. Such complexity poses a significant challenge to individuals and enterprises in view of the need to remain up-to-date with the tax regulation affecting their activities.

The numerous tax authorities are progressively doing more to prevent fraud in their territories and increase collaboration between jurisdictions via the exchange of information, thus reinforcing the need for lawyers with a comprehensive grasp of tax regulation. The CMS network employs more than 350 tax professionals with vast knowledge of both domestic and international tax law, comprising a multinational specialist organisation covering all tax-related aspects.

Such level of organisation enables us to provide comprehensive advice to clients on the application of the regulatory norms of different taxes and the procedures to follow in order to comply with tax obligations, not forgetting, of course, the possibility of challenging the tax authorities when considering their actions to have breached legal provisions.

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CMS ad­vises LC Pub­lish­ing Group on the ac­quis­i­tion...
Deal Alert | Feb­ru­ary 2019
What about VAT after Brexit?
Al­though the UK par­lia­ment ruled against the pos­sib­il­ity of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, the out­come of the cur­rent UK polit­ic­al con­tro­versy re­mains un­cer­tain. Both busi­nesses and gov­ern­ments in both Great Bri­tain and EU are pre­par­ing for every even­tu­al­ity, in­clud­ing.
CMS among Spain’s most re­cog­nised firms
Janu­ary 2019
Bel­gi­um braces for Hard Brexit with draft law
On Feb­ru­ary 19, Bel­gi­um passed a draft law pre­par­ing it­self for a Hard Brexit should the UK leave the European Uni­on (EU) on the dead­line of 29 March 2019 without a with­draw­al agree­ment in place to reg­u­late UK's de­par­ture and define its fu­ture re­la­tion­ship.
CMS ad­vises Bird on its es­tab­lish­ment in Spain
Deal Alert | Novem­ber 2018
Ex­pat re­gime in Spain
Un­der Span­ish em­ploy­ment law, wheth­er the post­ing of an em­ploy­ee takes place with­in the European Uni­on or if it in­volves a third coun­try is key. Re­gard­ing EU Mem­ber States, giv­en the free­dom of em­ploy­ees, there is no ob­lig­a­tion to ob­tain work per­mits.
Com­par­is­on of the Span­ish tax­a­tion ap­plic­able to the...
CMS - Fo­cus­ing on Funds - Tough­er Tax Rules for Ger­man Real Es­tate
This Fo­cus­sing on Funds up­date looks at the con­tinu­ing hot top­ic of how tax changes af­fect fund struc­tures and deals. Fol­low­ing our pre­vi­ous look at the France and Lux­em­bourg double tax treaty, the fo­cus be­low is on Ger­man real es­tate.
Up­date: Ger­man Desk 2013 - Ju­ly 2013
Changes in the works for real es­tate trans­fer tax in share deals
At the 21 June 2018 Ber­lin meet­ing of fin­ance min­is­ters of Ger­many's fed­er­al states, dis­cus­sions around ap­ply­ing the real es­tate trans­fer tax to share deals entered a new phase. The fin­ance min­is­ters agreed to the fol­low­ing meas­ures: Cre­ation of a new.
Bank­ing and Fin­ance Alert | Ju­ly 2013
Latest news re­gard­ing SAREB: leg­al and tax up­date,...
BEPS: UK rat­i­fies the OECD Mul­ti­lat­er­al In­stru­ment
The Double Tax­a­tion Re­lief (Base Erosion and Profit Shift­ing) Or­der 2018 has been ap­proved by the House of Com­mons on 23 May 2018 (the “Or­der”) (full text avail­able here). The Or­der rat­i­fies the OECD’s Mul­ti­lat­er­al Con­ven­tion to Im­ple­ment Tax Treaty Re­lated.