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February 2019
Ad­vert­ising of Medi­cines and Nurse Pre­scrib­ing
New op­por­tun­it­ies in medi­cines ad­vert­ise­ment in Spain...
26 Feb 19
Top Tech pre­dic­tions 2019
ASA snap­shot – ASA de­cisions pub­lished in Janu­ary 2019
Sum­mary of in­ter­est­ing ASA rul­ings pub­lished in Janu­ary This sum­mary provides a se­lec­tion of the most in­ter­est­ing ASA rul­ings pub­lished in Janu­ary 2019 and high­lights the key is­sues con­sidered in those rul­ings.
Chris Watson
High­lights of our ex­per­i­ence in com­mu­nic­a­tions
28 Feb 19
Cross-bor­der re­struc­tur­ing – na­tion­al and re­gion­al...
Em­ploy­ment we­binars
A bit­ter pill for the European Medi­cines Agency to swal­low…
“The Lease will not be dis­charged by frus­tra­tion on the United King­dom’s trans­ition from Mem­ber State of the European Uni­on to third coun­try nor does the EMA’s shift of headquar­ters from Lon­don to Am­s­ter­dam con­sti­tute a frus­trat­ing event.
Feb 2019
CMS Cor­por­ate/M&A Group
06 Mar 19
We­bin­ar: Brexit for In­surers
Gambling Com­mis­sion an­nounces new rules for on­line gambling
On 7 Feb­ru­ary 2019, the Gambling Com­mis­sion ("Com­mis­sion") an­nounced new rules that strengthen the re­quire­ments for on­line gambling op­er­at­ors to veri­fy the age and iden­tity of their cus­tom­ers. The new rules will come in­to ef­fect on 7 May 2019 with the aim of.