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Bob Palmer
19 October 2016
CMS Annual Review of Developments in English Oil a...
01 Dec 16
CMS Brexit webinar
“Losers” lose: transfer of a back-up copy of software, unless aut...
The European Court of Justice (“ECJ”), in the Aleksandrs Ranks and Jurijs Vasilevics case (C-166/15), held that although in applying the UsedSoft case (C-128/11) “the initial acquirer of a copy of a computer program accompanied by an unlimited user licence.
Marco Lacaita
Enforcing Security over Real Estate and Shares a...
25 Nov 16
CMS TMC Conference 2016
Intervention, Innovation and Disruption in an Inte...
New regulations provide more tailored guidance to car hailing bus...
The Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Car Hailing Operations and Services ("Hailing Measures") and the Administrative Provisions on Cruising Taxi Operations and Services (“Cruising Provisions”) will both take effect from 1 November 2016.
10 October 2016
CMS, Nabarro and Olswang combine to create 6th lar...
Creating a distinctive modern City powerhouse driv...
17 Nov 16
Iran Renewables Briefing and Roundtable
How to challenge public procurements in CEE
In public procurement procedures, the EU Remedies Directives ensure that rapid and effective remedies are available in all EU countries when bidders believe that tender notices are challengeable or contracts have been awarded unfairly.
CMS European Real Estate Deal Point Study 2016: Se...
17 Nov 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
Enforcement proceedings: the consequences of emailing home
Recent proceedings brought before the Lloyd’s Enforcement Board are a reminder that confidentiality issues may have a regulatory relevance as well as a legal relevance. The Board recently considered an employee’s actions when emailing confidential information.
CMS European Real Estate Deal Point Study 2016