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Kai Neuhaus, LL.M.
E-Commerce Sector Inquiry
Preliminary report published
25 Nov 16
CMS TMC Conference 2016
Intervention, Innovation and Disruption in an Inte...
Meet our experts at EXPO REAL which is taking place in Munich (Ge...
Will arresting sea-going vessels in Belgium become more difficult...
In its decision of 30 June 2016, the Court of Cassation stated that a claim of a bunker supplier who had no direct sale contract with the owner or charterer of a sea-going vessel does not possess a maritime lien for which arrest of the sea-going vessel is possible.
Simon Johnston
CMS Real Estate Finance Guide
Today and tomorrow (29-30 September), fourteen CMS partners are a...
20 Oct 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
China to tighten verification process to stop fake overseas M&A d...
The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (the “SAFE”), the main authority in charge of foreign exchange control in China, announced last week that they will crack down on fake overseas M&A deals in order to curb capital flight.
Partner interview
Ted Rhodes, Partner, CMS Rio de Janeiro, Energy
18 Oct 16
Webinar: European covered bond market: covered all...
Count down to prohibition on letting "F" and "G" properties
Subject to a few exemptions and exceptions, “F” and “G” rated properties in the private sector (residential and commercial) in England and Wales will start to become unlettable in 18 months’ time (1st April 2018).
Energy disputes heat up as oil and commodities pri...
16 Oct 16
ACC 2016 Annual Meeting
Association of Corporate Counsel
Government business rates revaluation consultation published
On 28 September 2016, the Government published a consultation on the transitional arrangements for the England 2017 business rates revaluation. The consultation runs until 26 October 2016. Affected businesses should consider making representations before the.
Partner interview
David Butts, Partner, CMS Sofia, Lifesciences
Oktoberfest celebration - not in Munich, but in our new office in...