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CMS advises Astra Rail on establishing joint ventu...
16 Dec 16
Update on Brexit and Financial Services
HMG's policy debate on the post-Brexit regime, alt...
The conclusion of restrictive agreement introduced as a criminal...
On 23 November 2016 Serbian Parliament adopted the Amendments to the Criminal Code as well as a set of judicial laws. 1. Amendments to the Criminal Code Apart from introducing some minor changes to the general provisions of the Criminal Code and criminal.
Stéphane Gelin
Business Implications of BEPS
A CMS Tax Analysis
15 Dec 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
Are we witnessing the rise of super level economic environment ri...
In a few years’ time we may look back and say that it was in 2015/2016 when legal proceedings and recent policy changes combined to produce manifest serious transfrontier and trans-sector commercial and economic environment risk.
Luxembourg | Country-by-Country Reporting
15 Dec 16
Webinar: CMS MiFID II webinar – key conduct of bus...
Duty to Co-operate in Local Plan Making – another local authority...
St Albans City & District Council submitted its draft Strategic Local Plan for examination earlier this year. The Inspector appointed to examine the Plan raised a number of preliminary concerns regarding legal compliance, namely whether the Duty to Co-operate.
CMS Guide to Passporting (UCITS)
Rules on Marketing Undertakings for Collective Inv...
Polish draft act on insurance distribution
On 6 December 2016 the draft act on insurance distribution was published.   The new regulation is to supersede the current act on insurance mediation dated 22 May 2003. The draft act implements directive 2016/97 on insurance distribution (commonly known as IDD).
CMS Guide to Private Placement of Funds
Accessing European Investors post AIFMD
Serbian Parliament adopts the Amendments to the Criminal Code and...
On 23 November 2016 Serbian Parliament adopted set of judicial laws: (1) the Amendments to the Criminal Code (“Code”), (2) the Amendments to the Law on Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime, (3) the Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of State.