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Jaime Almenar
CMS wins a number of Client Choice Awards 2017 acr...
09 Mar 17
The New Law on Antitrust Damages Actions – What Do...
We would like to invite you to our webinar ‘European System of Fi...
Amendments to the Law on Concession Agreements to attract investm...
The rules regulating the implementation of concession projects for the construction, reconstruction and operation of water supply and water disposal facilities (the “Water Facilities”) in Russia have been substantially amended as of 1 January 2017.
Shariah compliant Asset Finance brochure
03 Mar 17
Energy: Geopolitical and Security Risks
Novelty Act – change in novel foods regime
London’s first insect bar recently opened. The bar offers products such as bug based ice cream and brownies. To most of us this sounds rather radical and new but insects actually have a long history of human consumption.
CMS advises capiton on the acquisition of a majori...
01 Mar 17
CMS Commercial webinar: Abusive Buying Power
Our corporate and employment teams have joined forces to help you...
Ukraine has come to an agreement with the USA on FATCA applicatio...
On 7 February 2017, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine and the US Ambassador to Ukraine signed a treaty to improve the application of tax rules and provisions of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance (the Treaty).
Emerging Europe M&A Report 2016/17
23 Feb 17
CMS European System of Financial Supervision webin...
Uniform European system, national application and...
Payment notices: a different approach in Scotland and England?
Over the last year, the TCC has taken a strict approach to the interpretation of notices from payees and payment notices (see our recent Law-Nows here and here).   A recent decision of the Sheriff Appeal Court suggests that the Scottish courts may be inclined.
M&A market in Central-Eastern Europe boasts its hi...
UK and Asian investors increasingly active in the...
What our clients say about our #RealEstate practice. For more inf...