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14 November 2017
Con­duct­ing oil and gas activ­it­ies in Ghana
21 Nov 17
We­bin­ar: Ar­bit­ra­tion in the Asia Pa­cific: Key re­gimes...
The fin­an­cial ser­vices sec­tor has been dis­rup­ted by the rise of FinTech,...
In a turn of events that could only have happened in 2017, a re­cent art­icle in the Daily Tele­graph promp­ted a round of heated de­bate on so­cial me­dia about MFN clauses in the EU’s ex­ist­ing free trade agree­ments.
Marianne Anton
CMS guide to Elec­tric Vehicles
Join us as we ex­am­ine the in­ter­na­tion­al ar­bit­ra­tion re­gimes in the...
28 Nov 17
We­bin­ar: Work smart, not hard
Leg­al chal­lenges of the mod­ern work­place
Oil & Gas JOA De­faults: Eng­lish Court of Ap­peal up­holds re­straint...
The Court of Ap­peal has up­held a de­cision of the High Court in which an oil com­pany was found in con­tempt of court for hold­ing an op­er­at­ing com­mit­tee meet­ing in the ab­sence of an al­leged de­fault­ing party (see Pan Pet­ro­leum Aje Ltd v Yinka Folaw­iyo Pet­ro­leum.
Over­view of re­tail lease agree­ments
29 Nov 17
We­bin­ar: In­vest­ing in Asia: Tips and Op­por­tun­it­ies...
Na­tion­al Bank of Ukraine Fa­cil­it­ates Di­vidend Re­pat­ri­ation
On 14 Novem­ber 2017 the Na­tion­al Bank of Ukraine ap­proved the Reg­u­la­tion 112 “On Amend­ments to NBU Reg­u­la­tion 410 dated 13 Decem­ber 2016 (“NBU Reg­u­la­tion 112”). With ef­fect from 15 Novem­ber 2017, it provides fur­ther lib­er­al­isa­tion of the reg­u­la­tions on di­vidends.
Cap­it­al Mar­kets Uni­on – how will it help SME fund­ing?
30 Nov 17
9th CMS Con­sumer Products An­nu­al Con­fer­ence
30 Novem­ber 2017 | Brus­sels (Bel­gi­um)
CMS brings you the "Over­view of re­tail lease agree­ments" pub­lic­a­tion...
Tax­a­tion of Ter­min­a­tion Pay­ments – An Up­date
Changes to the tax and Na­tion­al In­sur­ance Con­tri­bu­tions (NICs) treat­ment of ter­min­a­tion pay­ments are due to come in­to ef­fect from 6 April 2018. In sum­mary, and the le­gis­la­tion is com­plic­ated, the key changes are that all pay­ments dir­ectly or in­dir­ectly cov­er­ing.
Tax Con­nect Flash | Ger­many | Con­sign­ment Stock - New...