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Jean-Robert Bousquet
CMS advises CBL in acquisition of SFS
CMS acts as counsel for CBL Corporation Limited in...
25 Aug
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
Captive insurance - already available on the Bulgarian market
With the introduction of the new Insurance Code in January 2016, the concept of the captive insurer and the captive reinsurer appear for the first time in Bulgarian insurance law. Although captive insurance undertakings have existed in developed countries.
Dirk Loycke
CMS launches e-guide on the Battle of Forms
09 Jun
Annual Consumer Products Conference 2016
UK investigates 1,700 organisations for ESOS non-compliance
The Environment Agency and other regulators of the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (“ESOS”) have confirmed that they are investigating 1,700 organisations who they believe may have been required to participate in ESOS (by late last/early this year) but.
Shareholder Activism: A European Perspective
07 Jun
Taxation of controlled foreign companies in Russia
CMA announces new EU-wide project to monitor online hotel booking...
On 13 July 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced the launch of a project to monitor how changes to room pricing terms, introduced largely as a result of its recent enforcement activity, are affecting the online hotel booking sector.
CMS Annual Review 2015-2016
Delivering legal expertise to transform your busin...
ASA Adjudications Snapshot - June 2016
INTRODUCTION  This summary provides a selection of June’s most interesting ASA adjudications and highlights the key issues considered in those adjudications. This month features several interesting adjudications which look at ads which complainants have claimed.
CMS remains on growth path: 8.4 % increase in reve...
Yesterday the European Commission published a short Communication...
Mexico: Oil and Gas Licensing Round 2 gets underway
The liberalisation of Mexico’s oil and gas market is continuing apace with the blocks to be auctioned in Round 2. 1, the next stage in the tendering process, revealed last week. SENER, Mexico’s energy ministry, announced the auction of 15 shallow water areas.