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Ted Rhodes
Latin America Quarterly Energy Update April 2017
27 Apr 17
Webinar: Data protection changes: the impact on HR
Employment lunchtime online Spring series
The new edition of the CMS “Guide to Mandatory Offers and Squeeze...
Financial Conduct Authority launches consultation on draft guidel...
On 13 April 2017, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) launched a consultation on a draft approach document setting out its approach to the implementation and interpretation of the Second Payment Services Directive (“PSD2”).
Mark Cagienard, LL.M. VAT
Tax Connect Flash | Switzerland | Federal Court c...
The “Law on the Sixth Five-Year Economic, Cultural, and Social De...
26 Apr 17
Lifesciences Webinars: Spring Series 2017
Significant amendments to Czech Insolvency Act
The new Amendment on the Czech Insolvency Act (the “Amendment”) will enter into force on 1 July 2017. The Amendment introduces a “liquidity gap” test, which will be used when a debtor (entrepreneur) needs to determine whether it is considered insolvent or.
24 April 2017
CMS advises PJSC Uralkali on their new $750mln RCF...
26 Apr 17
Securitisation – Regulatory updates
Iran approves the Sixth Development Plan to boost investment
On 19 March 2017, the “Law on the Sixth Five-Year Economic, Cultural, and Social Development Plan for 1396-1400 (2016 – 2021)” (the “Sixth Development Plan”) was approved by the Iranian Parliament.
CMS Guide to Mandatory Offers and Squeeze-outs
Professional Negligence: Supreme Court decision in BPE Solicitors...
The Supreme Court provided important clarification of SAAMCO last month in BPE Solicitors and another v Hughes-Holland (in substitution for Gabriel).   The issue on appeal was what damages are recoverable in a case where (i) but for the negligence of a professional.
6 April 2017
CMS launches the CEE Real Estate Investment Compas...
On March 3 CMS hosted a seminar on geopolitical and security risk...
Ukrainian visa process simplified (update)
On 16 April 2017, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers On Approval of the Rules for Issuing Visas to Enter into Ukraine and Transit through its Territory (the “Resolution”) came into force. The Resolution, among other things, reduces the cost of visa.