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Thomas Page
Sep 2018
The rise of hotel­tech
24 Sep 18
CMS In­ter­na­tion­al Dis­putes Con­fer­ence and Drinks Re­cep­tion
Re­cently, Tur­key’s lead­ing com­pan­ies are ex­per­i­en­cing fin­an­cial dif­fi­culties...
EU to define €100’s of bil­lions pa of sus­tain­able in­vest­ment
It is easy to ask: what does sus­tain­able in­vest­ment mean? The an­swer is not simple even though a lot rides on it. In the EU cli­mate and en­ergy space alone, the EU es­tim­ates that ad­di­tion­al sus­tain­able in­vest­ment will need to rise to €180 bil­lion per an­num (on.
Dr. Roland Wiring
Sep 2018
Di­git­isa­tion in health­care: From uto­pia to real­ity...
26 Sep 18
We­bin­ar: Mer­ger Con­trol and Com­pet­i­tion Law in M&A...
In­solv­ency among elec­tri­city traders on the in­crease in Bul­garia
In the wake of in­creased com­pet­i­tion stem­ming from the re­cent lib­er­al­isa­tion of the Bul­gari­an elec­tri­city mar­ket, more and more elec­tri­city play­ers and ma­jor elec­tri­city traders such as Fu­ture En­ergy and En­ergy Fin­an­cing Group are now fa­cing ser­i­ous fin­an­cial.
In­ter­na­tion­al Cap­it­al Mar­kets Group
Con­tacts Book
27 Sep 18
Struc­tured Fin­ance and Cap­it­al Mar­kets we­bin­ar series
Re­gis­tra­tion is now open for our we­bin­ar to learn about the dos and...
Ukraine and Rus­sia to have full tri­al over re­pay­ment of USD 3 bil­lion...
On 14 Septem­ber 2018, the Court of Ap­peal handed down judg­ment for Ukraine in its long-run­ning dis­pute with Rus­sia over the re­pay­ment of a USD 3 bil­lion Euro­bond loan (the "Notes") is­sued in 2013 (Ukraine v The Law Deben­ture Trust Cor­por­a­tion PLC [2018] EW­CA.