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Kai Neuhaus, LL.M.
E-Commerce Sector Inquiry
Preliminary report published
25 Nov 16
CMS TMC Conference 2016
Intervention, Innovation and Disruption in an Inte...
Read more about International trade with non-EU countries – the U...
Notification of data breaches: Dutch data protection law vs. the...
The recently introduced obligation to report personal data breaches under the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens  or "WBP") and the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") earlier this year, have been attracting.
Simon Johnston
CMS Real Estate Finance Guide
20 Oct 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
EU reform of copyright law: heading in the right direction?
Two roads diverged in a wood, perhaps the Commission favoured the one most travelled. The European Commission, within the framework of its ‘Digital Single Market’ strategy, has recently launched a few proposals hoping to adapt the existing copyright regime.
Partner interview
Ted Rhodes, Partner, CMS Rio de Janeiro, Energy
18 Oct 16
Webinar: European covered bond market: covered all...
Is the EU reform of the copyright law heading in the right direct...
Break notices - a Scottish and English perspective
Summary A recent decision of the Scottish courts in Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (UK) Limited v Regent Quay Development Company Limited [2016] suggests that in Scotland at least, a clerical error alone in including only part of the demised premises, will.
Energy disputes heat up as oil and commodities pri...
16 Oct 16
ACC 2016 Annual Meeting
Association of Corporate Counsel
Letting out your home on Airbnb – when is it not permitted?
In what is becoming known as the Airbnb ruling, the Upper Tribunal last week gave guidance on what was meant by the term “a private residence” in a lease. A landlord sought a determination from the Tribunal that its tenant was in breach of its lease of a.
Partner interview
David Butts, Partner, CMS Sofia, Lifesciences
CMS has taken first place in the Business Development category at...