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Bernt Elsner
Pub­lic pro­cure­ment guide
20 Dec 18
Cross-bor­der re­struc­tur­ing – na­tion­al and re­gion­al...
Em­ploy­ment we­binars
Flu­or­in­ated GHGs and Ozone De­plet­ing Sub­stances: if UK no deal Brexit
For those in­volved in pro­duc­tion, sup­ply, im­port or ex­port of flu­or­in­ated green­house gases and ozone de­plet­ing sub­stances, and equip­ment con­tain­ing the same, the En­vir­on­ment Agency has is­sued a short and use­ful guid­ance to cov­er the even­tu­al­ity of a no-deal.
10 December 2018
Hotel in­vest­ment in CEE: new hotel con­cepts; the mil­len­ni­al...
17 Jan 19
We­bin­ar: Mer­ger Con­trol and Com­pet­i­tion Law in M&A...
China pub­lished new reg­u­la­tions on Cross-bor­der E-com­merce Re­tail...
The Chinese gov­ern­ment pub­lished three im­port­ant reg­u­la­tions set­ting out the new policies gov­ern­ing cross-bor­der e-com­merce near the end of Novem­ber 2018, in­clud­ing the Su­per­vi­sion of Cross-bor­der E-com­merce Re­tail Im­ports (“Cir­cu­lar”), the No­tice of Im­prov­ing.
10 December 2018
Hotel in­vest­ment scene in CEE
New hotel con­cepts. the Mil­len­ni­al gen­er­a­tion and the...
22 Jan 19
CMS Gambling Con­fer­ence 2019
Brazili­an sports bet­ting re­form
With the en­act­ment of Law 13,756 on 12 Decem­ber 2018, Brazil has taken a big step to­wards reg­u­lat­ing and leg­al­ising sports bet­ting. Un­til now, gambling has been heav­ily re­stric­ted in Brazil; lim­ited to the lot­tery op­er­ated by state fin­an­cial in­sti­tu­tion, Caixa.