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Robert Keisler
April 2019
CMS Soil and Ground­wa­ter Con­tam­in­a­tion Guide
25 Apr 19
Cross-bor­der re­struc­tur­ing – na­tion­al and re­gion­al...
Em­ploy­ment we­binars
From the 1970’s on­wards, soil and ground­wa­ter con­tam­in­a­tion has be­come...
Tele­coms: cla­ri­fic­a­tion on neigh­bour­ing landown­ers’ rights to re­quire...
The Up­per Tribunal has con­firmed that landown­ers can­not pro­cure the re­mov­al of elec­tron­ic com­mu­nic­a­tions ap­par­at­us in­stalled on neigh­bour­ing land where this did not in­ter­fere with a means of ac­cess to their prop­erty at the date of in­stall­a­tion.
4 April 2019
Heike Blank and Mark Ziek­man named CO-Heads of the...
CMS Em­ploy­ment Group has the pleas­ure to spon­sor and help Galla­ger...
08 May 19
IBIS Academy Em­ploy­ment Law Sym­posi­um
Hun­gari­an laws re­vised in line with GDPR
The Hun­gari­an par­lia­ment has ad­op­ted a new pack­age of amend­ments to vari­ous sec­tor-spe­cif­ic laws to en­sure their GDPR com­pli­ance. This GDPR Om­ni­bus Act af­fects some 86 sec­tor­al laws and enters in­to force on 26 April 2019.
April 2019
VAT | Brexit | "no deal" trans­ition­al meas­ures for...
12 May 19
ACC Europe An­nu­al Con­fer­ence 2019
Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land
We con­tin­ue our series of em­ploy­ment we­binars. This Thursday we’ll...
No fault evic­tions: The End
The Gov­ern­ment has yes­ter­day pub­lished its re­sponse to the 2018 con­sulta­tion “Over­com­ing the Bar­ri­ers to Longer Ten­an­cies in the Private Rent­al Sec­tor”.   In what is hailed as the biggest change in the private rent­al sec­tor for a gen­er­a­tion, the Gov­ern­ment prom­ises.