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Bob Palmer
19 October 2016
CMS Annual Review of Developments in English Oil a...
25 Nov 16
CMS TMC Conference 2016
Intervention, Innovation and Disruption in an Inte...
Read more about the new regulatory regime for foreign investment...
Update on the new regulatory regime for foreign investment in Chi...
As reported in our newsletter of 14 September 2016, the three laws governing foreign invested enterprises in China, i. e. the PRC Law on Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises, the PRC Law on Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures and the PRC Law on Sino-Foreign Cooperative.
Marco Lacaita
Enforcing Security over Real Estate and Shares a...
17 Nov 16
Iran Renewables Briefing and Roundtable
Russia and the WTO: first review
The first Trade Policy Review of Russia as a WTO member was held on 28 and 30 September 2016. The review was based on the reports of the WTO Secretariat and the Russian Government. The review is one of the most important functions of the WTO.
10 October 2016
CMS, Nabarro and Olswang combine to create 6th lar...
Creating a distinctive modern City powerhouse driv...
01 Nov 16
Panel Discussion: Transaction Trends in Central an...
The governments of China and Brazil last week signed a Memorandum...
Sandbags at dawn: administration of Scottish company has priority...
The Court of Session has confirmed that the administration in Scotland of a Scottish company will take priority over an Indian liquidation of the same company, regardless of where the company’s business and assets are situated.
CMS European Real Estate Deal Point Study 2016
17 Nov 16
Webinar Series: Lifesciences 2016
Court of Appeal considers payment schedule dispute
In a decision last week, the Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal in the Grove Developments case (reported previously by us in March this year), upholding the TCC’s decision that the contractor had no entitlement to further interim payments where dates in.
CMS European Real Estate Deal Point Study 2016: Se...
The second long-term auction has definitively shown that the Mexi...