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Chris Watson
Jan 2019
Di­git­al - In­fra­struc­ture for our 'Con­nec­ted Fu­ture'
Glob­al in­fra­struc­ture re­port
22 Jan 19
CMS Gambling Con­fer­ence 2019
En­tre­pren­eurs’ Re­lief: good news at last
In an at­tempt to con­tin­ue the sea­son­al spir­it, we have some good news in re­la­tion to En­tre­pren­eurs’ Re­lief (“ER”). There has been ma­jor con­cern that a lot of man­age­ment and em­ploy­ee share­hold­ers might lose their en­ti­tle­ment to ER since it was an­nounced in.
Berardo Lanci
January 2019
VAT: Itali­an Elec­tron­ic in­voicing
23 Jan 19
The Power of Plat­forms: A New Di­git­al Busi­ness Mod­el
ASA rules that Red Bull ad im­plied that the en­ergy drink im­proved...
On 16 Janu­ary 2019, the ASA pub­lished its rul­ing in re­la­tion to a poster ad­vert for Red Bull which was placed in vari­ous sta­tions on the Lon­don Un­der­ground. The ad­vert pro­moted a Red Bull con­sumer ini­ti­at­ive called the 4pm Fin­ish, which was in­ten­ded to urge.
17 January 2019
Emer­ging Europe deal value reached EUR 80.5bn in 2018...
24 Jan 19
Struc­tured Fin­ance and Cap­it­al Mar­kets we­bin­ar series
Rus­sia moves to­wards leg­al­isa­tion of par­al­lel im­ports
The Fed­er­al Anti-mono­poly Ser­vice of Rus­sia (FAS) has pre­pared a draft fed­er­al law*, which amends the Civil Code to leg­al­ise par­al­lel im­ports in­to Rus­sia. The amend­ments will come in­to force in 2021 and al­low the Rus­si­an gov­ern­ment to au­thor­ise the im­port of.