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Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib also Darbar Sahib) in the evening at sunset. Amritsar. Punjab. India

India Desk

in Austria

Our International Desk India in Austria can provide you with both regionally specific legal and cultural expertise on one of the ten largest economies worldwide. Our practice area group supports Austrian and international companies investing in India. We also support Indian investors engaged in business endeavours in Austria and Europe, particularly in Eastern and Southeast Europe.

In both cases, we advise on the whole gamut of topics covered by commercial law. Be it a specific legal framework, legal decision-making and approval procedures, nuances of law or administrative and cultural conventions, our International Desk India, which was founded a couple of years ago, can provide an answer to your question.

We act as central contact dealing with all commercial questions arising for companies seeking to gain a foothold in and successfully operate on the Indian market. It is not least due to our own close network and established contacts with leading Indian lawyers, advisors and chambers of commerce that we are able to offer such comprehensive support. You are looking for a legal advisor with specialised knowledge in the major industries, including automobile, energy, IT and engineering? Then you don’t need to look any further! It almost goes without saying that, in addition to subject-specific expertise, we also offer advice in Hindi, which can be a decisive success factor particularly in negotiations.

As one of the leading law firms in Austria and Southeast and Eastern Europe, we have the very know-how that Indian companies need when they enter markets in Austria, CEE/SEE and the EU. On top of advising clients on general topics, we also focus on transactions, handling both large-scale acquisitions and transactions of medium-sized companies. In this field, we support clients on topics ranging from acquisitions of family-owned businesses or distressed assets, public takeovers and squeeze-outs to official permits, takeover procedures and due diligence through to industrial relations, worker’s participation and employee protection.

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