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CMS Expert Guide: Data Law Navigator

Data provides a whole range of opportunities but also includes new and unique risks for companies, governments and individuals. From sector-specific nuances to local derogations from the EU GDPR, simultaneously leveraging data’s full potential, while achieving legal compliance, does not come without regulatory difficulties or confusion. 

Use the Data Law Navigator for a quick look at data protection laws in selected countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Scroll down and click the dropdown menus below to select and compare up to three countries simultaneously.

CMS has a team of over 150 data protection lawyers 

If you are in search of guidance on how to optimise your own data protection strategy and prioritise data protection measures, please contact our experts in the relevant countries. Their details are set out in the Data Law Navigator.

CMS data protection and cybersecurity lawyers can advise on the spectrum of associated legal issues including, but not limited, to cross-border data transfers, cyber breach response and ransomware attacks.  

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  • The CMS Breach Assistant is a mobile platform available for Apple and Android to help you understand your first steps in the event of discovering a data breach, especially regulatory notification requirements.

This publication does not constitute legal advice. The content will be periodically updated but, given the constantly evolving laws in this area, we cannot guarantee the content is complete and accurate. 


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