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The updated CMS Expert Guide to 5G is here!


In 2020, we updated our CMS Expert Guide to 5G a total of three times, and 2021 will also be dominated by 5G! Experts agree: 5G is not just another “G”; 5G will change the way we communicate for the better!

The latest update contains summaries of some of the most important 5G-related regulatory measures from over 30 jurisdictions – including an article on Austria written by Egon Engin-Deniz. The Expert Guide covers both the 5G roll-out and the upcoming auction processes, as well as the monetisation of 5G (which is suboptimal in most countries so far). It also takes a closer look at the restrictions imposed at the national level to meet cybersecurity concerns.

In addition, the Expert Guide also offers you a new function: you can now place up to three jurisdictions next to each other on one page so that you can easily compare them with each other!

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