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When a Law Firm Turns into a Stage for Start-ups: CMS Event on the Topic of Artificial Intelligence


In the framework of its CMS start-up initiative, CMS in Vienna is ready to support young entrepreneurs 365 days a year. At the “Official Artificial Intelligence Reception by CMS” hosted on 1 June, the international law firm introduced the latest developments in this field to its clients and once again proved its passion for creative business ideas: four start-ups from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) were given the stage to present themselves to an audience brimming with investors and companies. Also a guest of CMS that evening: Siri co-founder Adam Cheyer.

12grapes, Birds.ai, MAIA and Neuron soundware have several things in common: all of them are start-ups aspiring to hit it big with products and services based on artificial intelligence. And all four of them were invited to pitch their ideas at the “Official Artificial Intelligence Reception by CMS” event to vie for the attention of the investors present.

Artificial intelligence is expected to profoundly change the way we will work and also live in the future – reason enough to take a closer look at AI at both the Pioneers Festival and the exclusive CMS event hosted by the law firm. To tune in the approximately 100 guests, among them start-ups, investors, company representatives and clients of CMS, to the opportunities and possibilities posed by artificial intelligence, the evening was kicked off with a keynote speech by Siri and Viv Labs co-founder Adam Cheyer.

Against the backdrop of the numerous dazzling developments in the field of AI introduced in the past five years and the growing trend of integrating AI solutions, Adam Cheyer made it a point to emphasize that there was no reason to be afraid: “Artificial intelligence is a mere simulation and computers will never be smarter than human beings.”

“Artificial intelligence is an exciting topic – hitherto unimaginable things become possible, as a result of which also the legal sector will encounter new challenges, particularly with regard to ethics”, says Gregor Famira, head of the CMS start-up initiative, sharing his experience from the field. “But artificial intelligence has long entered the daily business of our clients, especially in the industry. Initiatives likes this event offer both worlds the chance to enter into a dialogue”, he says, commenting on the intention to partner up with pioneers.

CMS – official partner of Europe’s largest start-up fair

Having supported start-ups for many years, CMS in Vienna for the first time entered into a cooperation with the Pioneers Festival last year. While the law firm focused on sharing its legal know-how on site at the festival in 2016, this year CMS decided to create an additional chance to get in touch with investors for young entrepreneurs and at the same time afford the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field of AI to its clients. The “Official Artificial Intelligence Reception by CMS” hosted by the international law firm was one of the four official Pioneers side events, emphasising CMS’ role as a (legal) partner for new developments and trends.

Success beyond a good start

Start-ups that have succeeded in getting potential investors interested in their idea or have even already secured sufficient seed money are certainly off to a good start. But to make it in the long term, initial funding is not all it takes. The CMS start-up initiative aims at solving all legal conundrums start-ups encounter during the foundation, through the expansion and right up to the exit phase. Registering a business, choosing the legal form, brand and data protection, the articles of association, supply agreements, GTCs, financing, capital increases – the list can seem endless. CMS can support start-ups in all practice fields and industries and due to its international teams also in virtually all jurisdictions. And not least, being aware of the limited financial means during the foundation phase, part of the CMS start-up initiative is a commitment to help out young entrepreneurs with flexible remuneration schemes. For further information on the CMS start-up initiative, see https://cms.law/en/AUT/News-Information/microsites/startup.
A short video of the event that can be used free of charge is available at https://cms.law/en/AUT/News-Information/Pioneers-Festival-Video.

A picture of Gregor Famira and Adam Cheyer is available for free download.

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