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3rd Edition of International Business Acqusitions: Major Legal Issues and Due Diligence


Contribution from Austria: Peter Huber, Managing Partner CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz

published by Kluwer Law International

Today more than ever, legal practitioners and many others involved in cross-border acquisitions need a user-friendly source of information covering the most important jurisdictions. International Business Acquisitions has proven its great value over the ten years since the first edition as a clear guide to the major legal issues and to the allimportant process of informed due diligence in each jurisdiction.

The Third Edition retains the book’s invaluable country-by-country presentation, with each country contribution in a common format to make comparison as straightforward as possible. And as in previous editions, the subject of due diligence is treated in a separate chapter, with individual country annotations. In addition to updating and substantial expansion of content, notable features of the Third Edition include the following:

  • new contributions from China, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Austria, and Argentina, making a total of 35 jurisdictions;
  • effects of the spectacular growth of private equity investment vehicles as major players in the international mergers and acquisitions space;
  • effects of the increasing impact of European Union regulations and directives on corporate transactions;
  • effects of the increasing sophistication and even harmonisation in competition (antitrust) laws.

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Portrait of Peter Huber
Peter Huber