Hydrogen projects

Hydrogen: A key element of the Energy Transition of future energy systems

The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, is emerging as a key part of the further energy mix. As with any emerging technology the ability to take advantage of opportunities in the hydrogen powered sectors requires a deep understanding of the areas in which hydrogen projects will be developed.

Building on 40 years of experience, the market-leading CMS Energy and Climate Change practice is exceptionally well placed to advise our clients on the issues they face when considering, investing and developing hydrogen projects.

Our work covers the full spectrum but in particular we are helping our clients in the following areas which involve hydrogen projects:

  • decarbonization of transport with green hydrogen – be it hydrogen fuel cell projects or transport fueled by green hydrogen, we are advising our clients no only on the electrification of transport but also on decarbonization of transport (especially the bus/fleet and heavy duty vehicles) using hydrogen. With further processing into hydrocarbons or ammonia, hydrogen can also reduce emissions in shipping and aviation.
  • energy system management with hydrogen  – as part of the greater need and value of system flexibility, we advise on how batteries and hydrogen projects can play a role in a smarter electricity system
  • decarbonising the industrial processes – the current reliance on fossil fuels to produce grey hydrogen is waning in favour of blue and green hydrogen. Be is steel, cement or other petrochemical processes, our extensive construction practice and decades of developing and financing complex projects allows us to aid our clients in this space.
  • CCUS projects to produce blue hydrogen – with over 10 years’ experience in carbon capture and storage projects we advise clients on developing CCUS plant that will enable the production of blue hydrogen.
  • Greening gas and decarbonising heat – our heat networks and gas networks experience fits neatly in advising on decarbonisation of the gas grid. In addition, our understanding of the regulation that underpins revenues of most networks and an outstanding health and safety practice means we can advise on the full suite of issues our clients face in this space.

Please visit our guide “The Promise of Hydrogen – An International Guide ” and find out more on the status of hydrogen projects across the globe.

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Munir Hassan
Head of the CMS Energy & Climate Change Group
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