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CMS Rodríguez-Azuero is a global law firm, built on deep local roots with more than 40 years of experience advising local and multinational clients.

We provide specialized legal advice with high management skills and a strategic approach at the hands of a team of around 100 local lawyers who are experts in various areas of practice and have in-depth knowledge of the industries our clients operate in. All the effort and work of our lawyers is always client-centered, has a business-focused advise in the local market or globally across multiple jurisdictions. The Firm offers a unique combination of deep knowledge, practice and expertise in almost all areas of law including:

The Firm offers a unique combination of expertise including Banking & Finance, Commercial, Antitrust, Competition & Trade, Compliance, Corporate / M&A, Corporate Criminal Law, Customs Law & Trade, Dispute Resolution, Employment & Pensions, Insolvency, Restructuring & Liquidation, Itellectual Property,  Public Procurement, Real Estate, Lifesciences & Healthcare, Tax, Technology, Media & Communications, Environmental Law, Energy & Climate Change, Consumer Products, Funds, Hotels & Leisure, Infrastructure & Projects, Insurance, Private Equity.

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The new life of the insolvency legislative decrees after the passing of...
In response to the economic, social and ecological emergency state brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the national government enacted legislative decrees 560 of 2020 ("Decree 560") and 772 of 2020 ("Decree...
CMS Expert Guide to International Arbitration
We live in a connected global environment where the number and complexity of international transactions is ever increasing.  As a consequence, the policies and activities in one area of the world can...
CMS Expert Guide to cannabis law and legislation
Why this guide? In recent years cannabis trade and related activity has developed into a growth business area. In the life sciences and healthcare fields, there have been increases in the numbers of patients...
Attorney-Client Privilege: A Guarantee from Which In-House Lawyers Are...
We all have a lawyer friend whom we consult when we have legal questions, and when it comes to a particularly sensitive issue, we often use phrases like “what I am going to tell you should remain covered...
Tax Bulletin No. 62
We are pleased to share the Tax Bulletin for May and June.  In this edition, we are share with you the concepts of the DIAN on customs and tax issues, jurisprudence of the Council of State, and tax news...
Pension reform approved?
On 14 June 2024, the House of Representatives approved in the fourth and final debate Law No. 293 of 2023, which establishes the new Social Security System for old age, disability and death of common...
Precios de Transferencia en América Latina
Nos complace presentar esta guía elaborada por nuestro equipo de expertos en derecho tributario de América Latina, centrada en los Precios de Transferencia. La creciente conflictividad en materia de Precios de Transferencia se ha convertido en una preocupación cada vez más significativa para las empresas multinacionales que operan en la región. En esta guía:Presentamos un análisis detallado de las normativas de Precios de Transferencia en Brasil, Chile, Colombia, México y Perú, incluyendo pronunciamientos de autoridades tributarias, tribunales administrativos y/o judiciales. Examinamos casos específicos y pronunciamientos importantes en cada país, como la implementación de los lineamientos de la OCDE en Brasil, interpretaciones sobre fondos de inversión en Chile, y el tratamiento de sucursales extranjeras en Colombia. Abordamos las obligaciones formales en materia de Precios de Transferencia y los desafíos que enfrentan las empresas, destacando debates como el de “sustancia sobre forma” en México y la activa participación del Tribunal Fiscal en Perú.
CMS Expert Guide to Crypto Regulation
This Expert Guide provides an overview of cryptoasset regulation (prior to the introduction of MiCA), both inside and outside the EU. We summarise the regulations applying to the main activities performed...
A Historic Milestone: WIPO Protects Genetic Resources and Ancestral Knowledge
Taking a major leap forward, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which Colombia joined in 1980, has adopted a new treaty that seeks the protection and responsible use of genetic resources...
CMS Expert Guide on Taxation of Crypto-Assets
Welcome to our comprehensive online guide to taxation of crypto-assets! In this guide, we provide detailed information on individual income tax rules for residents in different jurisdictions, including...
Condiciones y periodicidad del reporte de titulares mineros
La Agencia Nacional de Minería (ANM) ha emitido la Resolución No. 371 del 6 de junio de 2024, que establece las condiciones y la periodicidad para el reporte de información de los titulares mineros...
Sports Betting Advertising Guidelines:
This June 14th, with the opening game of the European Cup 2024 between Germany and Scotland, a three-month marathon begins during which sports fans will be able to enjoy the best of the European Cup and...