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Our Corporate / M&A team has a wide and recognized experience advising local and multinational companies with their operations in Colombia.

We offer effective and proactive solutions to our clients in the optimal structuring and managing of their businesses in an ever-changing and highly regulated environment.

We are specialist in corporate restructuring, decision making processes by the main corporate bodies of the companies, family businesses estate planning, wind-up processes and in general, advising companies and branches of foreign companies in their day-to-day activities.

Our teams has broad experience in M&A, advising our clients with all kinds of cross border and local transactions. Also, we have experience leading transactions that involve several jurisdictions, especially in Latin America. As a part of that advice, the Firm has experience carrying out due diligence processes and drafting, negotiating and closing non-disclosure agreements, memorandums of understanding, letters of intention, share and asset purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, among others.

Additionally, our team is the legal ally of start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs in their round of investments, and in the drafting and negotiating master investment agreements, convertible notes, etc.

Our legacy stretches back to more than 30 years advising buyers, sellers, investment banks financing companies, and private equity firms, on the full range of merger, acquisition and spin-off activities.

Whether you are looking for local legal advice, investing in Colombia, or expanding your operation, our global reach in more than 40 countries will allow you to find the legal talent wherever your business needs it.

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