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At CMS Rodríguez-Azuero we understand the dynamics that exist in connection with Banking and Finance, both locally and internationally, covering the full spectrum of banking and finance, regulatory, transactional, and capital markets.

Our Banking & Finance team advises local and international financial and banking entities, in connection with regulatory issues that affect, or may affect, their activities in Colombia and abroad, both regarding supervision and control entities and industry associations.  We are well-known and broadly recognized for providing a comprehensive advice that incorporates not only a legal perspective but also a deep knowledge of the banking and finance business and industry.

The Firm supports financial institutions in the structuring and implementation of new products or the restructuring of existing ones.

The Firm also advises non-regulated companies to prevent them from engaging in transactions that are exclusive to financial institutions, which could result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

It also advises insurance sector companies and brokers both in the development of their products and in their relationship with reinsurers and market agents.

The Firm has significant experience in structuring, drafting, negotiating and closing local and cross-border corporate and project finance transactions, as wells as in the designing of robust security packages under Colombian law and in its integration to global security structures.

We have advised local and foreign debtors and lenders, multilateral financial entities and hedge funds, in the design, drafting, negotiation and implementation of credit agreements with different payment structures and guarantees, syndicated loans, and other structured finance facilities.

The Firm also has experience in structuring transactions in the capital markets, such as the issuance of common and preferred shares, issuance of securities in securitization processes, IPOs and OPAs.

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23 July 2020
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21 April 2020
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17 April 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to coronavir­us re­lated loan morator­i­ums
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Bank­ing & Fin­ance Colom­bi­an leg­al up­dates in con­nec­tion with COV­ID-19
31 March 2020
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06 September 2019
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