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Corporate Criminal Law

Corporate Criminal Law

Due to an increased awareness of criminal risks that is spreading throughout the world, criminal law has taken a central role in corporate development at the national and international level.

In response to this situation, our Corporate Criminal Law team provides advice focused on all matters related to criminal law and procedure, and seeks to create risk prevention programs to avoid criminal situations, or the correct reaction to such situations. With these actions we intend to prevent economic and reputational damage that may be irreparable.

Our team develops policies for the prevention and management of criminal risk, as well as advice related to crimes committed against our clients or during the performance of their activities. In these cases, we provide strategic planning for the management of these situations, as well as representation in any criminal procedure that may arise. We have strategic partnerships with forensic investigators and crisis management public relations firms, which help us support the specific needs of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of internal audits to determine the occurrence of criminal activities.
  • Consulting services in matters of compliance related to corruption, fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism prevention
  • Consulting services for the effective occurrence of crime within a company.
  • Advisory to natural persons.
  • Advice in the selection of contractors for the provision of forensic investigation services.
  • Strategic litigation.
  • Drafting of criminal complaints.
  • Judicial representation of our clients in criminal procedures.
  • Criminal defence services when related to the development of businesses.

As added value we make part of CMS Dispute Resolutions team, offering our clients solutions to all their needs in the field throughout the world.


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